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    Hi There,

    Looking at the Funds tab on the platform, USD value of the coin differs 2 times between the coingeko and coinmarketcap – how is that possible?

    And a general question – any actions planned to get the value of the coin going up?

    Thx, Alex

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    Hi Alex,

    There was an issue with LATOKEN’s api and coingecko. This meant that coingecko stopped receiving stats from LATOKEN which meant our price froze there for some time. It’s still lagging currently Last Updated: 2019-01-05 05:47:58 UTC (3 days ago) from: https://www.coingecko.com/en/coins/jsecoin/trading_exchanges#panel

    We are using coingecko’s api to collect pricing data for the site which is why there’s a discrepancy. LATOKEN are aware of the issue so it should be fixed soon.

    With regards to getting the value of the coin to go up. The main objective currently is to launch the ad-exchange. We can use this to create token utility and create an inbalance in supply and demand. Client-side code is ready. We are currently working on the server-side code and data flows. Still looking good to launch in Q1. Longer term our plan is to improve our products such as the merchant tools where we will be adding payment options for Bitcoin/Ethereum payments as well which will make it more attractive to merchants and will allow us to compete effectively in that sector. The new platform interface is in development and you can see what this is going to look like by opening up the latest version of the desktop app and expanding the view. I’ll put some screenshots up on the blog today as well.

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    James Bachini
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