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    Stuart Robertson

    Is there plans for an independent wallet and if so is there any update when that will happen.

    Also is there any update when it will hit the exchanfe.

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    James Bachini

    Hi Stuart, these things are kind of related because we will be using an ERC20 token to integrate with exchanges and 3rd party wallets such as metamask, myetherwallet etc. This will also be used for the ICO.

    Plan is to finish the web3 development work and then announce exact dates for the ICO which will be this summer. As soon as the ICO is over we will distribute tokens via the ERC20 contract, and apply for exchange listing. There will be deposit/withdraw functionality on the platform if you want to keep them there or you can keep the tokens in an ERC20 compatible wallet or on exchange.

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    when it is decentralized and will be listed I’m sure jse will be a successful token

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    Well i started 4 days ago or so and total miners for self mining has risen from 1600 or so to a high of 1800 or more. maybe i havnt been around long enough though, but good news i hope

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    Hmm, i wonder if anything changed in case of ANY exchanges ?

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