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    Triforce Admin

    Congratulations. You have actually been robbed.

    A note to the JSEcoin team:
    You are most welcome to dispute the below facts in a civil discourse, but if this post gets deleted or altered in any way there will be no doubt in the malicious intentions behind this project, and as such it will get immediately republished on bitcointalk.org and ripoffreport.com with the fact that it got censored here along with the developers names.

    That said,

    I’ve been mining JSEcoin on our websites’ frontpages for the last month. We run a popular child modeling network and we’ve been generating a handsome sum, about 7-8 coins daily. Once I made sure everything was working fine I didn’t bother to log into my JSEcoin account anymore for weeks because of the annoying Google captcha.

    One day a friend says he’s interested in buying some JSE from me. I tried to login and I got the message:
    Your account has been suspended pending an investigation, please contact investigations@jsecoin.com

    So I contact investigations.

    “Your account has been suspended pending an investigation, please contact investigations@jsecoin.com
    What’s up?

    Three days and no response. I send to two developers directly

    Dear David & James,

    I apologize for sending to your personal emails but as shown below I have
    contacted JSEcoins investigations 3 days ago regarding suspending our
    account and they are yet to respond.

    I have no idea what the problem with our account is but the fact that you
    froze it without even sending me an email is inappropriate to say the
    least. I only knew by accident when I tried to login because a friend was
    interested in buying some of my JSEcoin, and had I not attempted to login
    my visitors would’ve continued to mine JSEcoin for a long time potentially
    for JSEcoin.com not me.

    And now I have no idea whether to continue participating in the project or
    remove your codes from my website. Is my account permanently suspended?
    Will you forfeit my coins now? And more importantly why are you doing

    Their response

    > We had complaints about child pornography on the domain. It was reported
    > to the IWF to investigate and we are awaiting their feedback.
    > We have a zero-tolerance policy to this kind of content as per our terms.
    > We can not allow JSEcoin to be used as a monetization method for this kind
    > of content.

    (Awaiting an IWF investigation for a 30000-images domain? Really? He’ll be lucky if they respond by next year. And even then why in the world would the IWF endorse a child modeling board and risk having some journalist hunt 2 borderline images from our site and make them a scandal? For me that was clearly a pretext from JSEcoin to get their hands clean and throw the blame on the IWF)

    My response:

    There are so many things wrong with this I don’t even know where to begin.

    First of all the IWF itself re-allowed access to us in the UK after a
    brief 48-hours block. You can read the details on our forum where British
    members were complaining before we contacted the IWF
    [proof link on our site]

    Second, the IWF isn’t the world. The UK uses a very low threshold for
    defining child pornography called the Copine Scale. Under it a young girl
    posing in a bikini can arguably be defined as child porn of scale 5
    (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/COPINE_scale). The vast majority of world
    jurisdictions do not use the Copine scale as gauge

    Third, we’re operating a legal network since 2012, hosted by Cloudflare,
    and our registry is Affilias (Irish corporation), and in full compliance
    with 18 U.S. Code § 2256. Also forum posts are the responsibility of the
    individual poster and not the administration pursuant to 47 U.S.C. § 230.
    Think of it as Zuckerburg not responsible for Facebook selfies. We
    fully cooperate with law enforcement and delete any images they request to
    be taken down within hours.

    Fourth, you suspended our account without even notifying us. Until this
    very moment we’re still mining JSEcoin for you and had I not accidentally
    tried to login that day I wouldn’t have known, and for several months then
    our visitors would have continued to mine for you not us and you would
    still be profiting form “this kind of content”.

    Fifth, I could have transferred the coins mined prior to the suspension to
    a dummy account or a friend’s account but I didn’t because I entrusted you
    with it. I can understand barring our account from mining any further but
    forfeiting the coins which were left in your custody prior to the
    suspension betrays that trust and punishes us for it. You’re essentially
    telling everyone “transfer your coins out as soon as possible before we
    freeze them for whatever reason”.

    Sixth and perhaps most importantly, our websites haven’t changed since we
    first joined your program. It’s fine if you want to impose your subjective
    morals and personal philosophies on who can join and who cannot join
    JSEcoin, but what’s not fine is to allow us to mine for weeks and then all
    of a sudden change your mind. Perhaps you should review websites prior to
    allowing them to join your program because we cannot read your mind. The
    world has 200 countries, thousands of jurisdictions, and 7 billion points
    of views.

    What you did was unacceptable. Please unlock our current funds and let us
    know whether we’ll be allowed to further mine in the future.

    Thank you.

    They don’t get back to me for 3 days now and I don’t feel it’s a misunderstanding anymore. Did I just get scammed out of $200? I decide to go public to warn others.

    JSEcoin is not a real cryptocurrency. Its management can arbitrarily close your account and take your funds whenever they want with or without reason. They said they were against decentralization to make life easier for non-techies, but if that was true they would still offer a decentralized solution for techies. The likely explanation is they actually want to make their fingers easier to your wallet.

    -Running an unlicensed medical business? You’re endangering public health. Account closed pending NHS investigation.
    -Running an activist outpost of any sort? You’re instigating violence. Let us spend your money on better causes until the DOJ takes their time.
    -Running a right or left wing website? You’re spreading false news. Funds seized until the BBC/Snopes checks your facts.
    -Child modeling? Isn’t that the same as child porn? That fat wallet of yours will be happy to have less exploitative owners until the IWF testifies every image on your site is legal.

    They won’t do this to everyone of course, but all in all a handsome loot will be confiscated from “controversial” sites funds until the relevant 3 letter agency agrees to implicate itself and grants green light on the queried website (i.e never).

    Even assuming good will which hardly makes sense to me at this point, why in the world should someone put their money under the control of an entity acting as judge, jury, and executioner? There’s absolutely no due process or accountability. They have the ultimate say on whether to let you withdraw your funds or login to your account or not.

    Worse still there’s no public ledger similar to the blockchain on how many accounts got closed and why and how much funds got seized. It’s all kept in the dark with only the developers knowing what’s going on. Zero transparency is not how you run a project supposedly made for the public benefit.

    We have already removed JSEcoin codes from our network and I don’t think we’ll ever see our money again, and my advice to members is if you feel you absolutely must use JSE make sure you channel your earnings every few days to a dummy account created by a dummy email, and never link both accounts by logging from the same IP, otherwise you may be the next one “pending investigation”.

    Finally here’s a list of alternatives for mining Monero many of whom, unlike JSEcoin, you won’t need to trust with more than $50 before cashing out.



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    We had a complaint from a 3rd party that one of your sites contained child pornography. We checked the front page of the site and it contained an image of a very young girl dressed in a Santa outfit. While not indecent in itself it was suggestive and we did not investigate further. We have a zero-tolerance policy on this kind of content. Anyone else who wants to promote anything like this, then follow Triforce admins suggestions and use another network.

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