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    I am really new to this whole cryptocurrency idea and i just started mining jsecoins.
    I see on the forums that they decided to put 200x to the coins. Will this mean that after ICO the price will be 200x lower? For example now the ICO is 1JSE: 0,006 USD. If the 200x thing never happened it would have been 1JSE:1USD?
    I am new so please dont criticize me. I really do not know how things work here.
    So my question is: Do we know what will make the JSECOIN have higher price on the market?
    Thanks in advance.

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    In the beginning there was an investment round, and back then you could buy 1 JSE for 1 USD, at that time you also received 0.005 as a self-mining reward. A couple of months back everything got multiplied by 200, that way it felt you were rich.. but as everything got multiplied, nothing really changed except for the feeling.

    If the 200X never happened, the ICO price would probably have been 1 JSE=1.2 USD as it would not be fair to the early investors to keep the price the same as what they payed.

    On the open market a coin is worth as much as someone is willing to pay for it. Impossible to say JSECoin will be doing once listed on market places.

    I personally believe in the potential as it is not just (yet) another cryptocurrency, it is a platform that could be used by webmasters to monitize their website instead of ads (wouldn’t it be nice to have ads free websites 🙂 ) and has merchant tool that could be used to pay online. If this will be adopted by many websites, there will be a huge demand of JSECoin, and the prices will go up.. if it doesn’t get adopted by many people, prices will go down

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    Thanks for the reply.
    I want to ask something. Based on the ICO 1 JSE = 0,006 USD. So the price will be this after the ICO? or we dont know yet?

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    Couldn’t have answered it better myself 👍

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    Yes but this does not answer the question. After ICO JSE Coin will cost 0,006 USD?

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    Don’t know how that works, I guess that after the ICO the initial price on the market place would be the price from the ICO (0.006).. but where it goes from there is in the hands of the people

    Correct me if I’m wrong here, but I think for simplicity sake we say 0.006 USD.. but I think JSE is actually linked to Ethereum. At the beginning of the ICO was looked how much 0.006 USD was in ETH, and that is the price of 1 JSE.. so I guess if the price of Ethereum goes up or down before the market listing, that would also impact the JSE price.

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    Someone to respond what Rob says?

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    Right now ETH is $403.77 which according to ( 1 ETH = 75000 – ICO ) makes JSE 0.00538 each.

    If this is a way of looking at it…

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    Example – June 3rd 2018 – ETH price $618.25 / ( 1 ETH = 75000 – ICO ) makes JSE 0.00824 each.

    Guess this would be right if there was a rapid increase in ETH price in the next month or so…

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    After the ICO we will not be trading JSE directly and wont have any control over the pricing. The token will list on 3rd party exchanges where price is determined by what someone is willing to buy for and what someone else is willing to sell for. There’s an order book and people place buy/sell orders if a price is agreed in the order book then a transaction takes place. This creates a variable price that fluctuates with supply and demand.

    No one in the team is allowed to offer financial advice which includes speculating on future token prices.

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    So a quick question: Will JSECOIN price be tied with ETHN price?

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    Will JSECoin’s Price be tied with Etherium’s price?
    Someone kindly reply

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    James Bachini


    It is for the duration of the ICO. 1 ETH = 75000 JSE. This is hard coded in the smart contract.

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    Since i am new can u please explain me what you mean when you say “This is hard coded in the smart contract.”
    I would like to learn more

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    Hi Christos,

    During the ICO, you could purchase JSE only with ETH and there is a fixed exchange rate, if you would buy for 1 ETH, you willget 75000 JSE in return.
    So during the ICO; the price of JSE is linked to the price of ETH because you would always get 75000 JSE for 1 ETH, wether 1 ETH would be worth 200 USD or 500 USD.

    After the ICO, JSE will be listed on exchanges by itself, and at that point it will not be linked to ETH anymore. I would expect that the initial price would be close to the 1ETH=75000JSE as that would be the last known valuation of JSE.. from there it will go up or down dependend on what people are willing to pay and sell for..

    Hope this helps,

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