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    I tried to install puffin browser on my android phone, but the website won’t load (“error code : net::ERR_ACCESS_DENIED”)
    Do you guys have any idea?
    Thanks in advance for your kind help!

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    Hi Phil,

    It’s not one we’ve tested or are familiar with.

    I took a quick look at their site and it says all traffic is filtered through their cloud servers which seems a bit weird. Could be getting blocked during that process perhaps. If so that’s something that’s out of our control. I will email them with a link to this thread and hopefully they will comment or fix the issue.

    Thanks for letting us know.

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    Email sent to CloudMosa, hopefully we will get a fix although it’s not a company I’ve dealt with before so don’t know how responsive they will be.


    We’ve had one of our users complain that our platform doesn’t work in the puffin browser.

    The URL is https://platform.jsecoin.com

    The forum thread is here: https://jsecoin.com/topic/jsecoin-website-not-working-on-puffin-browser/

    Would it be possible to fix the issue or leave a message letting us know what the problem is?

    Thank you,


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    Hi again,
    Thanks for being so fast, James! 🙂
    I finally checked twice, and deactivating the “cloud” option works (on Windows). So I guess the issue comes from that option… Unfortunately I can’t find any way to deactivate the cloud servers option on Android.
    I guess that’s it for now!

    Thanks again for your kind help!

    I was actually wondering… are there any noticeable differences in hashing speed by using different browsers? I wanted to try “Puffin” because they seem to beat the others concerning js execution speed. Which doesn’t seem to be the case concerning jsecoin mining =(

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    Hi Phil,

    Acually, hashing speed isn’t that important with JSECoin 😉

    You could get only 1 lottery ticket every 30 second block, so as long as you manage to get a single hash at least every 30 seconds, you will have a ticket in each lottery.

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    Good to know)))
    You have a very nice community and core team here, as far as I can see… Fast reactions and nice tips. Not so common in the crypto sphere, keep up with the great work guys !
    Thinking about investing a bit in JSE, besides mining


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    Thanks Phil.

    There are differences between browsers and to be honest it’s something we have never been able to get our head around. We ran loads of tests when we first started the project and on some devices one browser would work best, on others another one. We couldn’t find a pattern to this and it just depends on the local environment. There’s not one set browser that works better than everything else. My go to recommendation to anyone for JSE and generally is to use Chrome, it’s got a great development and security team, it’s the most popular browser so will be tested with all 3rd party apps/sites and they built the v8 engine which most other browsers now piggy back off (https://developers.google.com/v8/). Having said that I use Firefox and as Rob said you only need to find one hash per block anyway to maximise rewards so it’s not critical for JSE mining.

    With regards to the puffin browser I haven’t heard anything back yet. I’ll give it a few days and then follow up.

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