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    Hello admin

    When will u release exchange date?

    How to can we exchange jsecoin? I mean step by step?

    What’s apporxi price is 1 Jsecoin?

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    Hi Nomx,

    We will announce the ICO date pretty much as soon as the Web3 and ERC20 contract are finalized, that is the final thing that is left which is critical to the ICO process.

    After we ICO we will list on exchanges and you will be able to exchange JSEcoin for Bitcoin/Ethereum via these 3rd party exchanges like you would with any other altcoin. To convert to your local currency USD/EUR etc. you would then change Bitcoin for your currency using something like localbitcoins/coinbase etc.

    Approx value of JSE is impossible to say currently as we aren’t selling any and the price on exchange will be determined by the open market.

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    @james mate

    I am not asking to u acculty price but apporox also publisher user had been got 200* more jsecoin so i thought it will be not very high value.

    Anyway lets see when will u start exchange systeam.

    Open market price may be 0.005$ then waste of time and jsecoin.

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    Christian Scholz

    Hy Nomx.

    The amount of coins and its worth stay the same. You only have a bigger number and get a “full” coin.

    If you are not looking for the future of this coin and only what to make a few fast and easy bucks, you are on the worng plattform.
    At the moment you could say, the coin is in beta. Not fully released.
    The same was with bitcoin. It started way back in 2009 (if i’m right) and people mined it, while it was worth next to nothing.

    If you mine now and make the community grow, the potential of this coin grows with it.
    If everybody would go with this mentality, not one cryptocurrency would be worth anything.

    And for the last part. If you mine, you will get more “worth” out of this coin, then it costs in energy. So even if it’s at 0.005$, you could say, you dont waste money.

    (disclamer: This is only my opinion, so dont get mad over it. I could be wrong al along =D)

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