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    Just got a crazy idea in my head and wanted to throw it up to get some reactions 🙂

    What if instead of actual background mining on websites, reward webmasters for unique visitors/time spend on site by just putting the code snippet on their website.. As background mining isn’t widely accepted and might get blocked by virus software and company firewalls (at least at my company), and might even affect your search engine rating (according to a recent post on the forum).. Will this prevent webmasters from widely accepting JSEcoin?

    If you simply reward them by adding a code snippet that doesn’t actually mine, I guess that removes the risk of negative impacts of adding it to your website.. and is it really different from what we do now? Publisher rewards are mainly distributed based on opt-ins and the hash rate is soo low that it doesn’t really produces much hashes. I guess the self mining should be sufficient to protect the blockchain.. So do we really need the publisher mining, or might that also be a big risk for JSEcoin?

    I think where the real value is, is that the more webmasters add the snippet to their websites, the more popular it becomes. Why not add it if you get money for it and if it doesn’t negatively impact your site or visitors..

    And what is in it for JSEcoin? Bigger exposure! The more websites the snippet use, the more potential places for ads in the future. The bigger the acceptance, the bigger the chance that other applications for JSEcoin will be developed and that JSEcoin becomes a widely accepted currency on the web for both webmasters and visitors.

    So what do you think?

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    I think the main issue is misunderstanding of our mining system. It’s still pretty rare for other crypto miners to use an ethical and legal opt-in system. For this reason we get bundled into the same basket as the hidden background Monero miners which is why we sometimes get blocked by anti-virus companies. Not sure about the search engine rankings as I haven’t seen any evidence of that on Google/Bing. Yandex is a separate issue and we’ve written to their Moscow and Netherlands offices just before Xmas.

    The value of the publisher mining is that, eventually when we have enough concurrent connections and volume, we can achieve a consensus algorithm based on votes from the connected clients. This provides a consensus mechanism which is extremely energy efficient as no additional resources are being used. Also I think we would still get blocked by any antivirus companies that are just collecting lists of cryptominers without actually looking at the code/project no matter what the code does. The long-term challenge is awareness and communication with the AV companies to let them know we are operating only with the clients consent and the resources used are minimal meaning they have no reason to block the code.

    It’s an interesting idea though, we looked at a proof of life algorithm a while back which would just open a connection and monitor client interaction:


    That didn’t get much support from the community and generally bad feedback so it was dropped but something that could look at again in the future.

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    I agree that misunderstanding of the opt-in mining system is the main issue and that proof of work makes more sense in a blockchain.. As long as code is only added to sites with knowledge of the site owner, and visitors are required to give consent before mining starts, JSE coin should not considered as malware.

    Unfortunately, I’m not sure if the rest of the world is ready for legit background mining.. or if the reputation of background mining has been damaged too much by malicious hidden background mining scripts that the fight to get overall acceptance will be a long one.

    Didn’t know this was looked into in the past, must be before I got addicted to JSEcoin 🙂 Maybe indeed something that could be looked into again, think that now also the down sides of proof of work by publisher mining have become more clear, a re-evaluation in the comunity might not be a bad idea.

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