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    I’ve just looked on LA Token and the minimum deposit amount is 1500, but the maximum withdrawal amount from the JSE platform is 1000 (882 minus the fees).

    Is this going to change tomorrow, when JSE is listed?


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    The limit to increase the token limit is already there.
    Just click the daily transaction limit.

    Check it

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    Not sure Y the image is broken.

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    Best way is to somebody from JSE team post instructions or even video tutorial as many people ask same questions.

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    Ah yeh, cheers guys!

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    James Bachini

    Been a bit crazy the last few days but I’ll try and get a demo video done over soon. You can set the Transaction Limit to whatever you want by clicking the link below the deposit/withdraw buttons. I’m thinking we should increase the default limit from 1k to 2k as well which my save a few issues. Good idea or would people prefer a lower limit?

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    Have increased the default transaction limit to 2000 JSE in line with LATOKEN’s 1500 JSE minimum deposit. Anyone that has already set a custom transaction limit wont be affected.

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    Why is my account suspended? I was with Jsecoin from the Starting point then they ban my account.

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