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    ian wallace

    Here is the scam they run, if you have any problem with 2fa they claim you cant identify yourself because you only deposit from an exchange wallet even tho you deposited directly from wallet on JSEcoin. They ignore facts and steal funds. It’s a joke and I had mentioned in a previous post that I was afraid this would happen as there are hundreds of similar reviews online about similar circumstances regarding LAToken. Its a shitty exchange for retards and trash tokens. No wonder nobody buys JSE, people dont want to trade on this garbage exchange. Nobody will ever take this coin seriously when they can and will have their funds seized at any time. Horrible horrible decision by this “team” to list with these fraudsters.

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    ian wallace

    Just got another reply, stalling even longer…

    “LATOKEN Admin (LAToken)

    Feb 2, 18:47 +03

    JSECoin is using the same kind of wallets as exchange, the address of the wallet they use to send the coins regularly change, therefore it takes longer to confirm the identity.”

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    I just personally made this coin drop like a steel turd. Thats twice in a week.Amazing what one person bent on revenge can do. Cause thats how I roll. The fun has just started. Get ready for phase 2.

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    I’m not making excuses for anyone here but please keep in mind that LATOKEN is a 3rd party exchange and not a direct part of the JSE project. If you lost the 2fa then you should have a backup code. If that was lost as well then it’s going to be hard and take some time for them to restore access to your account. It is a security feature and if anyone could reset it just by complaining that they lost access to the code then there is no point in having it. This is an issue with your account on the LATOKEN platform and again not directly related to us. Also I don’t think it’s fair to call them a scam as they shouldn’t be resetting 2fa credentials without being 100% sure who they are doing it for. If there is anything we can do to help let me know.

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    Mick Hart

    Agree with the James’ statement. This topic is not connected with JseCoin. And it is absolutely clear that it was authors fault. Speaking about me personally, I used LATOKEN several time throughout the last year and didn’t notice any troubles.

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