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    Had my just short of a million JSEcoin stolen from LAToken today. This was my concern going in, all the bad reviews on this shit exchange. Guess it was true, I still have access to my account but cant withdraw ever apparently. I will be selling the million in the next day or 2 just to drive the price down a bit for a final fuck you. Im guessing the 200k buy orders at 70 and 710 are JSE’s to prop this trash up, im gonna take those out right now before my access to account is totally gone. Watch the price drop bitches.

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    ian wallace

    Just sold half a million to drive price down 17%…. now the other half I will sell tomorrow and get this down to the .000005’s

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    very good news, I hope it reaches that price (.000005) to buy more jsecoin 🙂

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    Good luck getting a large amount of coin out of LAtojen, those fucking thieves. Thats why nobody is buying Jse, nobody trusts this shitty exchange. Look up reviews, they steal from a lot of people. Offshore scam, I should have listened to my gut as I knew this was gonna happen.

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    LAtoken needs verification to reset 2fa by sending a small amount of JSEcoin from same wallet as other withdrawal. Problem is JSE sends from all different wallets.

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