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    I was surpised to see that the number of self miners active has dropped from around 2000 about 12 hours ago to just 32 now… but it makes me curious – when there is less than 50 self miners, should that not mean if I am finding at least 1 hash each 30 seconds I should be earning a payout every draw? That doesn’t seem to be happening, so does the lottery work differently when there are low numbers of miners?


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    JSE Admin

    I moved the socketio connections to the load servers which also handle the publisher connections to try and balance the load. When I did this I tried to add a variable to state whether the connection coming in was a self-miner or website visitor. I think there’s a bug in this code and it’s not counting the number of connections correctly. Working on it now.

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    I see, that makes more sense! I thought the sudden drop in miners was a bit odd…

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    It’s fixed but it isn’t going to track the existing connections until they log in again so the current active miners figure on the mining page is going to be lower than the actual figure for at least 24hrs.

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    var room = io.sockets.adapter.rooms[‘my_room’]; // <– replace my_room by (I guess) platformMining or publisherWebsite
    room.length; // <– number of active users in the room

    This might help you James 😉

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    BTW :

    Number of active self-miners today: 740 / Currently Active: 745

    WTF ? lol

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    The stats are on a slight delay so there can be some small discrepancies. This must have been just after midnight GMT I assume when the stats reset? I think the two figures are counted differently as well because total self-miners today is the number of miners who have submitted hashes where as the currently active figure is just a count of the current sockets open using code similar to the above.

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