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    James Bachini

    Ad exchange update will be pushed out on the 13th February. We could see a couple of hours downtime during the maintenance work. Ads will go live a week later on the 20th Feb.

    Full announcement here:

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    Are there screenshots as to what the ads will look like on a site? Can we dictate the location of the ad?

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    At the moment these are just auto-banners but one of the first things on my list to get done is to get placement codes setup so publishers can place individual ad snippets where they want them.

    On mobile the auto banner is just a 300×100 push down header banner.

    On desktop or anything over 800px innerWidth it’s a 728×90 with a floating 300×250 banner in the bottom right.

    There’s one of the original demos here which is quite old but has the same placements I think:

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    Hi James,

    When I signed up with JSE, I also signed up for the advertising program. However, I realize now that it will most likely block some functions on my site, so I would like to opt out.

    But how? In the publishers section there are some things I can ‘unmark’, but no save button. If I come back later, everything is marked again ;-(

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    If I am not mistaken you have to get a new code snippet: go to publishers page, uncheck the ‘Earn additional revenue’ box, get your new code and update your code snippet on your website.

    @james, on the Publisher Mining tab, it would be nice to see for which sites you checked/unchecked the advertisement program.

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    @ juzi: thankx, I did that, but the website stills shows that I opted in for advertisements.

    A bit confusing… (and honestly, I feel this whole thing is a very bad idea: webmasters will wake up with publicity on their site on places they don’t expect. They should be able to install it manually on a time which is suitable for them AND they should be able to place the adds where they want, not the JSE team)

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    “At the moment these are just auto-banners but one of the first things on my list to get done is to get placement codes setup so publishers can place individual ad snippets where they want them.”

    When will this update for the individual code snippets will occur approximately? I feel too it is a bad idea that jse controls the content and the layout of websites.

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    Hi James,

    For my mobile site version the push-down banner is not a push-down but a push-away moving the whole content to the right. This would need to be fixed for me to continue with the ads placement.

    Thanks, Alex

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    I’ve seen ads one time, after that no banners when I’ve closed them. Someone who tested for me didn’t see any banners either – but someone obviously sees them, because the impression count goes up a few times in the stats. So where are they now? Who sees them and who’s not (all kind of ad blocking was off upon testing).

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    I can’t see any ads here either where they obviously are supposed to be and neither here for example (a totally random site who mentioned he is using the ad codes)

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    No ads and no clicks on my site yet, so it seems opting out in time worked 😉 Will surely try it when more information becomes available, but right now, I will wait a bit longer till I’m sure it is my thing.

    Just wondering… maybe I missed something but how does the financial stuff works? Is it ppv or ppc? And what does it pay? Can not remember it was ever announced clearly 😉

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    I guess will need to opt out as well given the push-away-to-the-right mobile add does not look good and is very confusing. On the laptop version cannot trace any ads either, even though visitors seem to be clicking on those and generating profits. By the way, there should have been an option to choose between JSE and USD, or am I wrong?

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    James Bachini

    We pushed out an update today which should fix some of these issues. I haven’t seen a push out to the right site so I need to take a look at the code to see what would cause that as every site I’ve seen it pushes it down. Could be the first div being inline-block css perhaps? Seems strange. I’ve changed some of the css at our end so it may be fixed already. If not there’s now options to remove the top ad or bottom ad or both and also to manually inject ads exactly where you want them in the publisher setup.

    More info here:

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    One thing that I’m noticing is that sometimes the “X” to close the lower banner is not working.

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    @Emily: Did you manage to find your missing ads?

    I have the same problem: a few times I saw them but after a couple of clicks, nope!

    Seems my visitors have the same problem as my stats show some views, but way below as the actual page views.

    Tested on a Ubuntu and Windows PC with different browsers. CSP and firewall did not block anything.

    So had to restore my site to the previous version without ads ;-(

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