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    Ilya Rogalin

    Today I have mined about 100 hashes without any earning. And yesteday the same number of hashes gives me 18 tokens. What does it mean?

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    I had the same issue over 500 hashes last night not one coin.

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    I’ve noticed this also, only thing I can think of is the difficulty is getting higher

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    I have this running on an Asus tinkerboard and getting roughly around 5000 h/s. The max on any device is around 11000 h/s. This doesn’t seem to make a big difference but since it seems the difficulty is higher I’ll run it on my iPhone8 for the 11000+ h/s and see if it makes a difference. So far 200 excepted hashes and no earnings.

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    Try relogin, after hitting 200 hashes with no reward, I logged out and back in and got 14JSE @ 179 hashes found

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    Hello Brice. Can you share your hashrate speed test info?

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