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    Market Capitalization:

    1,504,622 USD




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    x 3 hours later.

    Market Capitalization:

    1,523,200 USD

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    Market Capitalization:

    1,548,669 USD

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    Market Capitalization:

    1,558,129 USD

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    Hobo Joe

    Market Capitalization:

    $1,173,273 USD
    184 BTC
    5,565 ETH

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    This market cap killed the price. Whoever in management had the idea to do it this way is a conplete moron. Ths is D.O.A you mine as well flush your investment down toilet at this point. It’s worth 1/3 what investors paid and falling like a sack of shit laden iron bricks.

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    JSE= Just Sell Early (yes word play)

    Yuuuup, it’s dieing and won’t be coming back anytime soon, jse failed to act, didn’t apply roadmap in timely manner and gave waaay too much free to lower Fiat currency countries. I know I’ve had 3x different people try to sell jse off this forum alone (from Philippines and vietnat, both saying $100usd goes along way in fact if we ever had the ability to sure pictures, or even edit out own msgs, that would be asking. Too much of jse,in fact any request is ROFL, if it’s not a answerable question on this form, then don’t expect as much as a thought that way) these sellers had claims of having millions as I invested 7eth and have barely 500k.they mined that much? I like how we are still waiting for more exchanges lol as 2 mediokers were supposed to skyrocket it or get it spread as we all knew well u were opening on a shit market and y’all made 550eth, that I’m sure was great to speak to the team it’s 10% of coin and eth, where the fuck is our exchanges? And drive to push jse? Probably with Santa and the Easter bunny …. All jse has is a high rank on Google play search, there are too many coins, too easily to obtain at whole coins….. You will never be worth 3cents….. It’s a great idea, but brings no $/profit or product, it’s dead until you get more product and some sort of revenue. Oh GOOD JOB ON THE MARkET CAP GLAD NONE OF MY IDEAS COULD OF HELPED ROFL. no community here just a “JSE (just sell Em or Emmediately) full of them self team, and well a bunch of here for them self investors ….but should of listened to ideas JSe some of your summited were far better then your own, and the market proves it! As market is power then ever, we are not being added to exchanges while it’s so cheap to buy eth???? ROFL your as dead as they come use wtf was I thinking backing a 0 porducts company … This is on me, and if you sell bow it’ll be on you!

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