Massive increase in JSE overnight?

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    Hi guys,

    I believe there’s an issue going on somewhere. My balance has shut up by thousands overnight. The page is still hashing away (mining 24/7) but I’ve gone from nearly 70JSE to over 13,000 overnight. This is obviously a massive error, but are you aware of it?


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    I’m guessing you didn’t read the Important information for JSE account holders at the top of the platform page….. 🙂

    Not an error, just a new currency value

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    Haha I feel like a moron. No, I hadn’t.


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    Howard Boelky

    This is awesome! I guess this is a sign that JSE is doing well? It is expanding across more regions and gaining new members….when do you think the coins will be accepted by retailers? Or what the worth of the currency will be? Any ideas…?

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    It’s not so much a sign that we are doing well as we are just getting ready for the ICO and exchange listing. We had to implement the inflation before we finalized the ERC20 contract. It’s important to note that no one has really benefited directly from the change because everyone’s holdings increased together so it’s the same for everyone. Your percentage holdings of the project are the same. All we are really doing is moving a decimal place and devaluing the currency to make it psychologically more attractive to investors and new users. Kind of like changing a platform from US dollars to displaying cents.

    I hope noone had too much of a shock when they logged in, we did do a couple of blog posts and a newsletter about the proposal and update. It’s hard to reach everyone though. To keep up-to-date on the latest developments I’d recommend following us on Twitter

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    when can transfer jse tokens in mew????

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