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    Good evening,

    I wanted to test transfers to an ERC20 wallet (MEW). If we consider that 1 jsecoin = 0.006 $, the fees would be 0.70 $ (118 jsecoin), you joke I hope? Especially with a limit of 1000jsecoin!

    Minimum charges at 12%, even banks do not dare.
    On MEW, the fees are between $ 0.05 and $ 0.1 with no transaction limit.

    I want to believe that you want us to hold our token on your platform but not racketing us when we transfer our coin.

    I am very disappointed


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    alexis leclerc

    Ok, I just saw that we can change the limit, but $ 0.70 remains very high.

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    JSE is erc20 coin, so you still need to pay the gas price for transaction. Also almost every exchange got their transaction fee, so i don’t think that’s the big problem, especially for those who don’t send every 100 mined coin to their wallets

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    James Bachini

    Hey guys I completely agree that the withdrawal fee is too high. We calculated it on the safe side a month ago when Gas prices were all over the place and the last couple of days they have actually been fine.

    Once we are listed on exchange I can use their API’s to get live price exchange data for ETH-JSE, and then use Web3 to calculate the exact current gas price we will be paying. This will mean we have dynamic withdrawal fees based on the congestion of Ethereums network but I think overall the price will go down or at least it will be a fairer way of calculating it in the long term.

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    Tried to send from myetherwallet some JSE I bought during the ICO back to jsecoin, but the 24K of coins where not enough to cover the gas?
    I might do someting wrong but thats wierd 😉

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    James Bachini

    Hi Dennis, The gas price needs to be in Eth so you need a tiny amount of Eth in the wallet that holds the JSE. Probably $0.10 USD in ETH would cover it as the Ethereum network hasn’t been congested the last few days.


    I just double checked the wallet address and it looks like it has ETH in there which is really strange. What is the error message you are getting in MEW?

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    when tried my balance of ETH was 0
    lucky for me genesis mining had mined finally 0.04ETH (I have a very small contract) and had send this 1 or 2 days ago
    So in short, if I try again I must have enough ETH to send the coins into my JSEcoin wallet 😉

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    I can confirm that I was able to sent tokens to myself here @jsecoin.
    I have now all tokens at 1 place until further notice 😉

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    James Bachini

    Glad it worked out in the end Dennis 🙂

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