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    I suggest you to create JSECoin mining program for Windows that will start automatically when start Windows.

    I mean that one time I will enter email and password and select Remember me and it will be always mining started on my computer (in background).

    Now it is not really great because we have to open browser, login and have browser opened.

    With desktop software will be easier and more people will mine.

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    Hi Dennis,

    The desktop app is in development I’ll suggest a auto-login/auto-start on boot feature to the developer.

    Thanks for the suggestion.

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    May I know estimated date when will be ready?

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    We are releasing an update for the website in the next week or so and then will start work on the new platform designs and coding, this should take around 2-3 weeks and needs to be done before the app. Once that’s finished/released and we’ve had it running in production for a bit we will release the desktop app. I think before end of February is realistic.

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    Will be hash rate same as with web browsers or better?
    Hash rates will go down after time or up?

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    Aleks Szabo

    I think the hashrate would be higher as it wouldn’t need to use resources for the browser and you don’t need to keep the app in focus so it would get the resources like in browsers.

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    JSE Admin

    The hash rate is actually capped on the self-mining platform. We could increase this up on either the platform or the desktop app but there wouldn’t be any increase to miners earnings because it would be the same for everyone and there is still just a fixed amount of JSE tokens to share out each day.

    I am hoping that the desktop app will make it easier for users to run in the background while they are working/surfing the net without having to worry about an additional tab/browser window. There’s some other things we are going to be looking at as well such scheduled mining and so forth so you can turn it on/off at certain times of the day with the desktop app.

    The main benefit to users will be convenience rather than increased earnings from higher hash rates at this time.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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