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    I installed the JSECoin desktop app as soon as it was released and it was working fine. After a couple of weeks I received a notice that the Alpha version was expired and I needed to update. I did and have not had a working version since. I have tried multiple updates, installs, un-installs Etc and nothing works. I can open the app and successfully log in, however all my balances are zero, and my account info is blank. Logging in through the web platform correctly shows all my information.

    Appreciate if someone could look into this.

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    That’s strange. I’ll speak to John and see if he knows what it could be that’s causing it.

    Latest version is here if you could try that:

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    If that doesn’t work could you just send us a note ( with your email address or user ID so we can take a look from here and see what is going on.

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    Bob Cloos

    Been using the platform successfully for many months, just found out that desktop app was available, so download, install, run, pass captcha, then hangs on checking credentials. Tried close, reopen same thing…

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    Hi Bob,

    This sounds like something could be blocking access to our servers that would load the platform. Have you recently installed any antivirus or ad block software running that could be blocking us. Can you access You should see a black webpage with a green JSEcoin logo. If not something is definitely blocking you from reaching it. It’s unusual that this issue would only just appear and so if something is blocking you please let us know and we will investigate further.



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    Sean De Villiers

    Mining is not working on website

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    Hi Sean,

    I’ve just checked and it seems to be running fine. Are you receiving any error messages or able to provide a little more info.


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    I have also problems with the android app JSEcoin Wallet (official app). When I installed and open it , I only see a black window. Nothing do anything on the windows (I see nothings).
    I am working with Android 5.1. Can this be the problem?

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    Hi Stan,

    I think that this may be a connection issue and something is blocking the app from connecting to our servers.

    Can you let me know what you see if you open a browser and visit You should see a black page with a green JSEcoin logo on it.

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    just started …so far so good )), all is working well …. mining daily and it seems to be working but I seem out of luck on the draw : 3016 hashes found and 36 jse obtained.. is this a normal ratio ?

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    Hi Christophe,

    You could do a rough calculation. there are 2 block per minute, and each block rewards 50 users. So that sums up to 100 rewards a minute.
    Knowing this, you could devide the total number of active self-miners by 100, and it will show you how many minutes it should statistically take to get 1 JSE. Ofcourse there are times you have more or less luck.. but over the long run it is pretty accurate

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    Hi i have one tablet 4.4 android and i install apk (official) but when i start also black screen. (new alpha version also) i see it normaly.

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    On my THL T6S the story is really similar.
    I opened the app and it was sticked on black screen.

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    Hi, I sent 1641 jsecoin to LaToken on 23.10.2018 date and I have not yet received?

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    Florin, could you send us your userID or registered email address via the contact form below so we can look into this for you.

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