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    Just some feedback after mining for a week or so, it seems that the difficulty and the amount of users is increasing on the network making the rewards for mining just that little harder. I can see the impressions and unique visitors increase as I’ve implemented it on more and more websites but the amount of coins mined dropping over the days.

    If there a way to find out hash difficulty on the network over time and amount of miners over time.

    Would help with platform mining optimisation from a ‘when’ to mine point of view I think.

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    JSE Admin

    Yeah the user base has been growing like crazy the last week. This was kind of inevitable although there is some stuff we are doing to improve on the current situation. Currently there’s a few users that have been mining with multiple devices, accounts etc. These will be stopped. There was also one publisher who had loads of hashes and very few unique visitors which was a bit strange. The difficulty will be moved up for publisher mining next week. This should mean that more emphasis goes back to unique visitors as less hashes will be found. Generally though it’s going to get harder and harder to mine coins at any volume. This wouldn’t be so bad if the price of the currency was going up but that isn’t going to happen for a while yet. So it’s a case of the early adopters done well, it will get harder as more people sign up and want their share, the coin distribution is fixed at around 2k a day so there is less to go around.

    On a positive note the more users that do sign up the better it is for all of us as it increases the traction of the product and will catch investors attention when we do ICO and list on the exchanges = more demand = higher price for JSE.

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    It’s interesting; on Friday I mined a little, less than 70 hashes were found and I had earned 0.01 JSE. Today I’ve mined quite a long time, 328 hashes were found, but 0 JSE. I agree with Peter that it’d be cool to be able to see the earning difficulty.

    Also, I noticed later that I had two tabs on and had done mining on each in different times. Do these hashes get cumulated per user in some way? (Sorry if it’s a too-basic question, I’m new to cryptos)

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    R squared

    so if we arent supposed to use multiple machines on 1 account and we have a machine at home mining we should not mine from our phones while we are away from home? what about running more than 1 instance on the same machine are we not supposed to do that either? i want this to succeed and dont want to do things you do not want me to do.

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    Locking down the publisher mining to abide by the mining rules might be a hard thing to do but I think it will be necessary to make it efficient and fair for all that are platform mining.

    A reminder of the rules of platform mining might need to be clear and described on the mining page.

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    I tend to leave the platform running during the day, especially when I am busy doing other things.

    It keeps logging me out for unknown reasons, which is a bit annoying (anyone else having this issue ?), other than that it seems grand, it just tips away doing its own thing.

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    Bruce, I’m having the same issue. Happened maybe 10 times today. I’m only using one machine at the moment but I had used the other machine earlier in the morning (when I wasn’t using this one)

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    Hi the project is interesting, call your friends)
    I have the same problem: per night found about 200 Hashes Found, but accrued 0.07 JSE. But then in the afternoon, over 80 Hashes Found added 0.1 JSE. How to make a reward to correct?

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    I have been killing it on the platform mining. Had it run in the background while I was working today and brought in 3.00 JSE.

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    Logout every 5-10 minutes!!! How to solve a problem?

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    JSE Admin

    Hi guys so part of the problem with getting logged out is when we update the server. This happened a lot on the 11th September when we rolled out the update. Now it shouldn’t be happening anywhere near that. We did one update this morning about 8am gmt and have no more planned for the day.

    Let me know if it’s still happening as I’ve heard a few people mention it but can’t seem to recreate the problem locally if it is something other than the server resets.

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    Jeffery Dow

    I too wasn’t initially aware that there was a one machine limit.

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    mining has been down for past week… whats goin on with it

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    Dave Mallett

    We are working hard to fix this as quickly as possible however we want to ensure that the servers are fully set up for the volume of users we are now receiving. We are hoping we will have this resolved within a week.

    We apologise for the inconvenience and we will let users know when this is back up and running.

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