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    i have the code setup on my website
    , shen you visit the site , you see the popup at the bottom, control panel says it has visitors
    however the hashrate is 9 and lifetime hashrate is 0 ?

    any ideas?

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    i mean the hashrate is 0

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    Dave Mallett

    Hi Andy,

    Can I just check that you mean hashes (both today and lifetime) are 0 as opposed to hashrate. This could simply be that your visitors weren’t on your site long enough to find any valid hashes. I had a little look at your site and couldn’t see the code on it. Have you removed it? Please note that payouts work on a lottery system, where tickets are distributed for unique visitors, page views and hashes found.


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    Hi Andy,

    I double checked and the code isn’t in the website source. Drop myself or Dave an email and we can help get it setup.

    There’s a ten second delay before the mining starts too, so if a user is on for less time than that then it won’t download the block data or start searching for hashes. To counteract this the algorithm rewards webmasters for unique impressions as well as hashes found so your earnings wont be directly correlated to the hashes found.

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    The problem I see is that the hashes increase very little. I can take hours on one page and only increase 8 and 0 of balance
    What is the problem


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    Hi Jose, is this on the publisher code that you have placed on your site? If so earnings are more directly correlated to unique visitors than time on site or hashes found.

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