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    “”The self-mining platform was built for everyone to have a go with and enjoy. Anyone found to be using multiple devices, accounts or abusing the system in any way risks having their account suspended.””

    Hello, I’m new in this community,I wanna ask about mining in two different devices (not at same time), –>

    Multiple devices mining means mining with two different devices at the same time??

    Cuz I’m minig with my phone browser and my PC (NOT IN THE SAME TIME)

    Just useing my phone when i out of my place

    This is OKAY?

    Thanks,  We❤️JSE

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    Hi Mohammed,

    Yes this isn’t a problem at all. You can switch between devices and there wont be any issues.

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    If I use windows app and mine with it and at the same time (at the same computer) go to your website and start to plattform mining. It looks like I am mining at the both places at the same time. Is that correct? If it is correct – is that forbidden? If so – maybe you should program so I only can login to one place at time.

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    No. You can only platform mine from either the windows app or the browser. You want get credit for both mining at the same time, only one of the instances.

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