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    R squared

    i tried to sign in to my account and my wifes account and they both say undefined user. all my coins from referral and mining are missing. even the 100 i bought does not show up. what is going on?

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    JSE Admin

    Hi R squared I think this was probably to do with the update when the site was down for an hour or so. We did send out a newsletter beforehand but some people didn’t get it because it got spam filtered apparently. If you still can’t log in can you send us your email address and we can look into why. Sorry for the confusion.

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    I’ve same experience today
    I know, sometimes ago the site is going to be maintenanced
    And I can’t login to my account. After 2 hours, I try to login, but it says “Username or password not recognized” so I dicede to try register, hoping the server tell me that my email still used (registered).
    But something wrong, I can register again… And I lost more than 200JSE in my account.
    Yes, I really have 200JSE from my refferal, coz I share with my friend in forum in my country, Indonesia..
    How can I get my 200JSE back?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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