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    I have the following problem/questions.

    1. I’ve had around 10 visitors on my site (friends and relatives) who left my website open for some time in order to test the mining. They didn’t generate any JSEcoins whatsoever. I also have kept the website open on my computer for several hours on several occasions, but I have got only a total of 0.015 JSE and it says there have been only 13 hashes even though I can see that new hashes are found all the time from the browser. Also for some reason the system rewards quite quickly 0.005 JSE per try, but after that it doesn’t generate anything.

    2. When I’m travelling can I login to my account and use the platform mining from another computer and from another ip? I don’t mean to use simultaneously two computers, I’d just like to continue the platform mining even though my pc is shut down.


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    Hi the publisher mining is very competitive and the rewards system is weighted towards unique visitors as well as hashes found.

    The self-mining platform seems more suited to what you are looking for but you can only log into an account from one device at a time.

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    You may have been having the same issue my visitors and I am having….

    JSE. Hash not submitted: Did not match current difficulty

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    Hi Gap see the previous thread you started for the “JSE. Hash not submitted: Did not match current difficulty” console message.

    With regards to coin distribution on the publisher platform, we now have in excess of 10 million hits a day coming through so it is hard for a site with small volume to earn a lot of JSEcoin tokens. It is drawn on a random lottery system with 100 rewards per block (30 seconds) so we have made it as fair as possible for smaller sites to compete and make some earnings.

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