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    We are getting ready to roll out our new website. Here is the design we have been working on:

    Feel free to take a sneak peak and send us some feedback before we go live.

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    To be honest, on the first glance it looks a bit crowded. Maybe a bit more spacing could help.
    Other than that, it’s looking good.

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    Great Design so Far.
    I can’t wait to test it out sooner or later.
    From: Dubai

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    Looks much better and more serious than the current one!

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    Why I would change?
    17MILLION ACTIVE MINERS to 17.000.000+
    and similar others… in this way looks more professional.

    Another suggestion to gain even more trust is to buy EV SSL.

    When I click Why JSECoin I see just text. I suggest you create some landing pages with texts and pictures / icons because just text is really good – people like graphical explaination / presentation.

    About whitepaper I can say it doesn’t like professional, you need to create it more graphical attractive and use some other fonts.

    Also for this – AV problem I suggest you to get contact with these companies to they can remove these false flags.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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