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    Periodically I stop earning JSE while self-mining via the platform. This goes on for hours and hours before I start earning JSE again. During this time, my hashrate skyrockets. Why do I stop earning JSE and why is my hashrate much higher when I’m not earning?

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    the miners are always growing bro… Actually I need about an hour to earn 0.1 with my PC today… it’s too small because few weeks ago, I just need about 10-20 minutes to earn 0.1 JSE.

    I’m not the team or admin anyway…

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    I think this is to do with server resets when we are pushing out updates. If the load server is down when the client requests a new block it doesn’t handle it correctly and the algorithm keeps running on a blank data field, this is what I believe causes the spike in hash rate. It also seems to freeze the code as no new blocks come in once this happens. The long-term solution I think is to use web sockets ( to create a more robust connection. We will start testing this week and I’ll make sure we do thorough testing on the disconnection/reconnection issue so we don’t just move the problem to a new technology. Thanks for reporting this and sorry for the annoying issue. I’ll keep everyone updated when we have a fix.

    In the mean-time it’s best not to leave the self-mining unattended for long periods of time. It was never really designed to be left running for extended periods.

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    Hey James, thanks for the reply. Just so you know, this does correct itself over time. I’ve never actually kept track of how long this goes on for, but most recently it seemed like I stopped earning JSE for a period of at least 12 hours. It started working again without any action from me. This happens at least once a week. Not sure if that changes your diagnosis at all, but want to provide you with all of my observations.

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    JSE Admin

    Just a quick update on this bug. I’ve just rolled out a short-term fix. I think I’ve found it but can’t be 100% sure because it’s a hard one to replicate. You’ll need to refresh the platform and log back in again for the update to load up but then hopefully you shouldn’t get this error with the freezing on high hash rates any more.

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    Thanks, James. I’ll update this thread if I notice anything.

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    David Warrilow

    I found that overnight that Chrome must have detected something new. I had to go into setting to fix it. If you right button and inspect the page (go to console) any particular errors will show up. For instance just on this page I got a single line:


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    Hi David,

    I can’t recreate the error here with Chrome Version 62.0.3202.94 (Official Build) (64-bit) on Windows 10.
    Might be a temporary or localized issue. I’ll check with some of our other devs as well as it’s not an error I’ve come across before.

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