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    I’m not an expert in mining in general and I have a few questions about the JSEcoin mining (I did browse FAQ, website and forum before, didn’t find the answer). When you say that each valid hash earns you a lottery ticket, does that mean we can stack the tickets for as much hashes we found (minus the ones constantly used for the lottery after each draw)? If i understood well, we cannot use more than one ticket for every lottery draw, but does that mean we can accumulate the hashes found, sit on them for 24h (it resets everyday apparently) and still be eligible for lottery every 30 sec?
    What if we stop the mining once we decide we have enough hashes for today, we’ll still earn tokens? what if we close windows? or turn off computer? Are the lottery draws completely independent from our activity of mining in real time and will still occur as long as we have accumulated hashes?

    If not, does that mean we have to always keep mining to earn JSE ? and find fresh new hash every 30 sec no matter what ? (I haven’t done the experience to compare the earnings yet)

    Thank you.

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    Apparently only the earnings display reset every 24h, nothing else actually resets. So it’s even more intriguing since we get to keep hashes found. Then, can we stack them virtually forever? For example, can we mine like crazy for a few hours or days and then stop mining and use all the hashes found as lottery ticket to keep earning for a few days until we’re out of tickets (meaning, number tickets used = total number of hashes found)?

    The thing is that “hashes found” seem to reset everytime we log out, or even because of some minor things that make us lose internet connection or refresh. So it means that as soon as for some reason we get logged out, the “hashes found” get reset to 0 and so the thing I said above wouldn’t work at all (provided that’s how it’s work, i still don’t know).

    Thank you.

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    Hi Dadidou,

    A new block is added to the JSECoin blockchain every 30 seconds, and all unique users who have found hashes in those 30 seconds will take part of the lottery. So whether you found 1 or 5 hashes in those 30 seconds you will get only 1 ticket.

    The hashes you found during that one block only count for that block, so they don’t count for the next blocks.

    The “Hashes Found” just show the number of hashes you found during the session, so indeed, once you refresh you browser they will start at 0 again.

    Hope that clears things up a bit 😉

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    Oh, so i can earn JSECoin ONLY when i’m actually currently mining? And every lottery ticket we get is expired after 30 sec no matter what? Ok, ok.

    There is another thing that’s bugging me. It seems that the platform isn’t compatible with VPNs. I could get that we have to log in after changing IP, but here it’s just impossible to connect to the website with another IP provided by VPN, I have the interface of website, but all the tabs are empty, i can’t log in, it’s impossible to access anything. Jsecoin websites in general seem not to be accessible with a proxy. Is this restriction normal? Why (and how) is it there ? Would it be possible to remove it so we can mine while using a vpn as well?

    Thank you.

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    Why would it matter?

    You can’t have multiple accounts. Well you can, but you may lose them for ToS violations.
    Mining on multiple machines (with the same account) only gets you one valid ticket per 30 second block.

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    Well, it matters a lot to me and to everyone who’s using a vpn. I think you got me wrong, i’m not using vpn FOR JSEcoin, i just like using a vpn in general for surfing. What I’d like to do is mining like everyone else, while still using internet and my vpn, that’s all. Right now, i can’t do both. I must deactivate my vpn for mining (and so, using internet) which is really not convenient cause i’m paying a VPN for using it, not having it deactivated. I’ve never thought about multiple accounts or anything actually. But now you’re saying it… I can see how this could be used for multiple accounts. Could they think about a system that would somehow prevent it without banning vpns from accessing the platform ?

    What if I sent them an email asking to whitelist a particular server from my vpn exclusively for my account. They could individually authorize some specific IPs for some specific accounts whenever one of their users is requesting it. The user still couldn’t abuse it for multiple accounts since it would be only for one account. Would that be doable or am i just day dreaming at this point?

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