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    James Bachini

    Announcement that Coinhive is closing down on March 8th. This should mean we don’t have to compete or receive negative press from the hidden background Monero miners in future.


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    ☀ Jeff ☀

    Awesome news.


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    Guido Gutierrez

    i remember when coinhive start and was used as a webminer … then starting to add hidden miners and creates a really bad reputation on this service … and the press (who doesn’t know about crypto) given the “hack or virus” title to this platform … all that people who can’t buy a card and use cpu to mine on firefox with this service can cost their firs rigs … such a shame .

    wasted talent;

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    Yes I think their PR campaigns were both horrific and very clever. Kind of proves the “no such thing as bad press” saying. They got to be the most popular browser miner solely because there were so many horror stories of hacked sites and hidden mining going on involving their product. Currently running the monthly webminer analysis which will be interesting to see how the distribution is as it’s the first time it’s been run since the close of Coinhive and Authedmine.

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