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    It is DANGEROUS if we leave our computer to take a break and some people come to transfer our coins on their behalf (I tried transfer some coins to the charity, and there’s no security prompt!). I think we need to re-enter password when transferring the coins, to avoid incidents in the future.

    Keep Spirit!

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    JSE Admin

    Hi Hokage,

    We are planning a pin number system which will work independently from the password as another level of security. This will be required to make a transfer or export coins. What we aren’t sure about is whether to leave the pin safety up to the customer, which could result in stuck funds or require a secondary email address for pin backup or do this via SMS.

    It’s in development and will be released most likely with the next update.

    Thank you,


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    What a fast response James! Maybe Something similiar like Google two step verification should work. I think SMS quite expensive, and since we are doing “crypto stuff” the jsecoin users may do not want their privacy get involved. The goverment can obtain our information from the service provider and will track our transaction with ease.

    Have a nice day, team!

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