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    I have 99 coins pending in my balance now, how long do coins remain pending usually? and why are they there in the first place? Thanks.

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    The quote from recent post
    Pending Rewards
    Mining and referral rewards will now be paid out after 7 days on a rolling system. So anything you mine today will be displayed as pending and then transferred to your account next Saturday. Sundays will go out next sunday etc. This gives us seven days to analyse traffic and data patterns to identify and prevent fraud and misuse of the network.”

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    Hi Admin,
    my rewards are still pending, haven’t got JSE since 9 days. Shouldn’t they be paid after 7 days of pending?

    kind regards,

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    JSE Admin

    Avaya, the first payments went out Saturday. So you should be getting “rewards” showing in your transaction history on the dashboard at

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    thanks, now my JSE balance is also updated. maybe i was too impatient.

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    I have Pending Reward appearing as 325 for more than 11 days.
    A weekend passed as well, but still its pending?
    How and when they will be added to my Balance

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    Basim Daoud

    I have pending rewards of 42JSE. When will it show up in my balance? I have had pending rewards for over two weeks and has not yet transferred to my balance. Please help.

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    James Bachini

    Hey it’s a rolling 7 day system so if you continue to mine you will always have pending rewards. So for example yesterdays earnings will go out next Saturday and today’s earnings will go out next Sunday.

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