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    JSE Admin

    The platform code is changing daily and we are still finding bugs in the code. If you have noticed any or something that isn’t working how it should. Please post it here and our dev team will look in to it.

    Thanks for your help in making JSEcoin better.

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    Not sure if this is a “platform” bug, but in the home page of the website, when you click the team’s LinkedIn profiles, you are just directed to the top of the homepage.

    Would be good to be able to view the team’s background. Important especially for investors.

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    JSE Admin

    Yes of course, sorry about that. Mine is here

    We will get the links updated today.

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    I’m having trouble logging in. I just made an account today and it’s saying it doesn’t recognize my user or pass, so either my account got deleted or I forgot my password, because I can confirm my email from the confirmation email sent earlier today.

    When I try and reset my password, nothing happens, and the JSEcoin platform page reloads the login template instead of staying on the reset password template.

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    facing log-in issue, user not recognized moreover sending the request to recover the password nothing happen, i tried about 10 times but i didn,’t receive any secure code

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    Jeffery Dow

    I tested your Application on three home computers last night, two HP Pavilion laptops, and a Verizon Android phone. Initially all set up well and began working. I went to bed, leaving the two of the systems running. I had about 80 hashes when I left monitoring the units. I had 2FA set up on all three units for the account.

    When I checked early in the morning, I couldn’t log in. The error was that “the email or password account didn’t exist”. Also 2FA wouldn’t work, and later completely disappeared.

    Browsers used were Google Chrome for one laptop, Opera for the other laptop, and Opera for the Verizon Android cell phone.

    I also noticed that you have a lot of misspelled words on your site. Your 2FA application has a “Sumbit” button, instead of saying “Submit”, and I saw other misspellings as well throughout the site. This is unprofessional, and will very quickly turn potential investors sour on your effort(s).

    I had to sign in as a new account, and to my shock it accepted all the original information, but 2FA had to be set up again, and no hashes or activity showed from hours of mining the night before.

    I like your ideas, and think this has a lot of potential, but you will never raise funding, much less Professional Investor funding with things like this occurring. My checkbook will remain closed, until I see improvement.

    I was considering a sizable investment, once I did my due diligence, and I know others with more money than me, who might contribute. Make me a believer.

    I would expect you to restore my hashes, which in your server logs under “” for September 14th, 2017, should show lots of activity, before your application server(s) blew out my account.

    I was around at the birth of the first Internet 1.0, my son is a Microsoft CNE, and has 15 mining rigs, so we know what a little of what is going on in the cryptocurrency space. My son, also does high 5 digit investments in select ICO Companies.

    With our background, we would make an excellent beta site for you.

    Your timely response to these issues, and fixing my lost processing hashes, would restore faith in your site, and White Paper.

    I have many other questions, but am waiting to see how you respond to this initial email.

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    Jeffery Dow

    I also got blown out of the account numerous times, where it asked me to confirm my email? I had already confirmed it, and it wanted it again and again.

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    Jeffery Dow

    Say, where is the link option to add a photo of a Forum Member, so that you see who you are talking to? You should add a “Profile Section” for this.

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    …..and here we are again…… i gave you a 2nd chance and a 3rd and a 4th….. every time i create a new account and after few mins it become unavailable and deleted. i appreciate your effort and i fully understand you’re working to resolve this issue, but i guess before to send e-mails to the users stating “please give us a second chance” before the problem is not solved yet will remove people trust. your growth is strictly dependent on users and investors, and with a lack of trust or interest i’m afraid the project is going to fail

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    Hello, having trouble logging in. It doesn’t recognize my account, and email recovery is not working as well.

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    I emailed them about the Login issue that says “username and password not recognised” & have already received a response informing me that there was a server issue. They are aware & working on it.

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    Why most of my balance are missing?

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    Dave Mallett

    We apologise for the inconvenience caused over the last couple of days. We have been working hard to rectify the server issues. Should you still be having problems with your account please email me at and I will look into this for you.


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    tushar grover

    i have entered my correct email address but still, i haven’t got any verification email in spite of pressing resend every time I log in.
    i have checked my spam/junk folder also.

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    Today Earnings 0 JSE
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