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    As someone who has included mining code on their site, and has been using the dedicated mining page, is there anything I need to do to prepare for the ICO in order to maintain my JSECoin balance? I don’t plan on buying any more coins during the ICO, but want to make sure I don’t end up losing my balance for some reason during the process.

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    James Bachini

    No you don’t need to do anything at all. The whitelisting is just for people that want to invest during the ICO.

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    Just an idea, maybe its possible to submit ICO here if its free..?

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    Thanks Fan, we have submitted it.

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    Heres another possible submit for ICO.

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    Hi Fan, we had previously submitted a listing to coin telegraph but it still hasn’t been listed so done it again today. Current list is:
    Token Market
    ICO Alert
    Coin Telegraph
    ICO Bench
    Coin Schedule
    Smith and Crown
    ICO Rating
    Track ICO
    ICO Hot List
    ICO Token Watch
    ICO Bazaar
    Fox ICO
    ICO Watch List
    Coin Launcher
    ICO Drops
    Crush Crypto
    ICO Tracker
    ICO Market Data

    Anyone use anything else to find out about new projects?

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    Just idea for ICO advertising – OPT IN BANNER ???


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    James Bachini

    I went a little more discrete but the opt-in banner now has an “ICO Investors” link to the ICO page 🙂

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    This project lost my attention when I saw the early investors were not rewarded price wise. People who sent cash (not mined) definitely should have had more than a 10% bump. Then the split of price to .006 was the nail in coffin. Hope this works out for you guys but that along with the timing (too late) makes me think not.

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    @ James

    Yes, better. Same concept but less full on or

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    Dont know if its possible for this extra ICO place submission…

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    Noticed the new ICO INVESTORS link on the OPT-IN banner isnt dedicated to each individual affiliate, might this change…?” affXXXXX ” &utm_content=

    Its a shame there isnt a small % given to an affiliate for ICO sales not just a fixed sign up rate for a user.

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