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    JSE Admin

    The privacy notification is necessary for legal reasons but does anyone have any suggestions for how we could improve it so that it integrates with everyones sites better?

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    Hi, I think just a simple thin bar which goes the full width across the bottom (or top) the screen would work better. In the same way as you see a lot of EU cookie law notices.


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    I’m interested in adding it to several sites but I have but do not want the notification to show up even if you think its for “legal reasons”. A site can just put something in their privacy policy, but I think a notification is very unnecessary.

    Can you add an option in the backend so that a webmaster has the option of choosing how the script is configured so that the notification does not show at all?

    I won’t be adding them to any sites with that kind of notification until this is resolved.

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    Hmm yes an option of how it may display would be good if it is needed for legal reasons.

    I like being able to use it on various websites that we haven’t been able to place direct advertising on before as they are service selling based websites and having Adsense or other similar advertising wouldn’t be seen as professional.

    An obscure popup that meets privacy but fits in with the design of the website and optimisation of the website would be perfect to not distract potential new clients coming our way on these websites.

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    Meow, putting it in your privacy policy simply isn’t good enough. Look up the EU cookie requirements. It sucks but it’s the law.

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    JSE Admin

    Hi Meow, no at the moment we are only accepting sites which display the notification to end users. Just having it in the privacy policy would mean users were unaware of what we were doing which wouldn’t be right.

    I think what we will do is check out some of the EU cookie type pop ups from major sites as that is what we are really looking for. We will design a few examples based on this and ask the community which they prefer. Obviously it has to be very generic style wise as it needs to fit in with everyone’s site.

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    Regarding end user notices – although I understand the standpoint of JSECOIN in full respect – the requirement to notify end users – it’s certainly not a legal requirement in some locations (I would prefer not to have a popup and leave full terms with the website legal doc which is the actual legal requirements for some countries) because a popup is not legal in these areas or is considered to have no legal standings what so ever where published website terms and conditions, privacy policy and disclaimers are if published in the correct format. (popups can be considered spammy and associated with dodgy practices in some locations)
    or even better I would even more prefer to have a static notice on my website – eg, in the header, footer or sidebar – I’m 100% comfortable with a static notice and it does need to be so small it might be missed – happy for decent size static notice on every page if in header, footer or sidebar that when clicked on pop ups the full terms including any opt outs – etc compared to a pop up that actually pops up on hitting the page. – consideration is to have the option for publishers – either a standard popup like a EU cookie popup notice or the option to have a static notice published.

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    JSE Admin

    OK I think everyone in the team is going to have a go at redesigning this but here is my first effort.

    It’s completely responsive all the way down. I hate using Arial but have to stick to websafe fonts, tried to make it less crappy by increasing the letter spacing. Privacy links are still visible on mobile. We probably need to do a logo redesign at some point as well. Functional, simple but not particularly swanky.

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    can we change the privacy notification into something like this.. more ui friendly. cause the old one looks alarming to our website visitors.

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    It looks good this one
    Maybe put the links under “Website Monetized With Cryptocurrency Mining” and not in one side to get everything more compact … That would be my only sugestion but I like the old small ad that was before.

    Btw, I am getting problems to log in into the site. Is this becasue the updates?

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    Hi Webdev and Juanmi,

    Thanks guys, I really like webdevs design how does everyone feel about having a dark blue background? I think it looks better but wasn’t sure about it contrasting with some users sites color schemes?

    P.S. Juanmi yes the login was down this morning for about half an hour, apologies for that, should all be back up and running now.

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    Hi, I think that “mining” has negative implications with the general public so does the word cryptocurrency, people still associate these things with crime and the dark web even though Fiat currency is much more widely used by Criminals>

    I would suggest something along the lines of “Website funded by JSEcoin, thanks for creating new money” with a find out more button next to it. I really think telling the average non-tech that their computer is mining cryptocurrency will frighten them without a solid explanation. Just my opinion 🙂

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    JSE Admin

    Hi Jumbuck that’s a very good point. We have to balance telling them what is going on with not sending a negative implication. Because noone else is doing this yet I think it’s going to be all new and intimidating for some users anyway. I don’t particularly like the “website monetized by cryptocurrency mining” phrase, it doesn’t sound like there’s any positives in that. I think we do need to get more in the message than just saying we are creating money or funding the website though. Perhaps something like “Starting Cryptocurrency Mining – Thank you for helping secure the JSE blockchain” or “Commencing Cryptography Operations – Thanks for securing the blockchain”

    Space is at a premium too so would have to shorten these. Don’t know. I’ll put it to the team and see what we can come up with. If anyone has any ideas leave them here.

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    Perhaps you could use more familiar phrasing. “Powered by JSECoin”

    Accentuate the positives:
    “Made Ad-free by JSECoin”
    “Always Ad-Free with JSECoin”

    Or the negatives:
    “To enable ads opt out of JSECoin”

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    Instead of Cryptocurrency you can say Alt-Currency
    Make font smaller will help

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