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    How do I set the PIN in my account?
    When entering any number shows an error – Pin numbers do not match, please check and try again

    Although 4 characters, at least 12 characters – does not work!

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    When I got notified to set my pin, the second field automatically showed my email address..
    Change that to the pin number so that you enter the same pin number in both fields and then submit.. that worked for me.

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    Yep sorry about that some browsers were autofilling the pin fields. I’ve done a fix which should now fix this but basically box one is for the pin and box two is to reenter the pin.

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    John b

    I did not get a setup pin and now it ask for pin without me setting it.

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    I believe you set the pin yourself, there is no pre pin code if that is what you are asking.

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    In order to confirm your new pin number you need to put it into both of the boxes when you are asked to set it up. In some cases the second box may have been auto-filled with an email address. Please delete this and enter the same pin in here.

    If you have not received the notification to set up a PIN please try refreshing the page and logging back into your account.

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    How do I set my pin I have tried logging off and re logging but no box shows up asking to set pin. Please advise.

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    Glenda are you using the platform? At

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    rhudy ruiz

    can we retrieve the pin number i forgot mind… i cannot transfer when i test transfer

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    Robert Chalmers

    It seems I was never asked to set up a PIN number? How do I do so? I can’t access my platform api without it

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    Guys where do we set up the pin code? I cant find it. Can anyone help me on this?

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