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    1. Introduce the JSE ad exchange project in the ‘Service announcements’ section of bitcointalk.

    2. Social media contests:
    Post a tweet about the exchange and offer a small prize for random 1 person who would be randomly selected out of the people who shares that twitter post (a small reward is an incentive for many to share).

    3. Get yourself listed in the Home/Money & Finance/Monetize its audience/advertising networks section

    4. Get listed on

    These ideas are relatively cheap/free to go though with – We know the financial constraints of the project, but some sort of promotion is definitely needed to get a grow.

    Anyone else have idea feels free to post.

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    Great suggestion Emily!

    I’ve created the ad exchange announcement on the services page of bitcoin talk here:

    Net business review here:

    Changelly I’ve submitted a form and will see what they send across.

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    Offer people a small bounty to translate the ad exchange post to their local languages and post in the local languages section of bitcointalk (maybe a small amount of jse or a free advertising opportunity.): I’m sure maybe some users would even do it for free who are concerned about the success of the project. It would definitely help to spread the word on a bigger scale. Might bring in more users from other countries.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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