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    JSE Admin

    What are your thoughts on the Proof of Life algorithm post? Good idea / bad idea?

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    Hi James,

    your idea sounds interesting. However, if you plan to track the user across multiple websites and also store that data, I personally would block JSECOIN in favor of privacy.
    You would loose users who enabled the “do not track” function of the browser or who use extensions like Ghostery.


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    Hi James I had the same question .

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    Now I now that my project idea won’t work in the future. I was aiming on creating a site where users could perform idle mining to gather funds for charity projects in our world.

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    I Love Rich Chigga

    Hi James,

    I think that pretty bad idea because of privacy
    Privacy is a big deal in some country

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    JSE Admin

    Bare in mind it wouldn’t be tracking user email addresses or private data. It’ll be a profile with information such as how much the mouse has moved, how much time is spent on each page. It wouldn’t be trying to identify a user personally, for example there would be no need to record any kind of identifying data such as names / addresses. Do you think users would still be concerned?

    I think the privacy issue would be key but the data that was being tracked would be nothing like what is tracked by social networks / search engines etc.

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    I think fighting botnets would be a never ending story. Each time you will add a security, hackers will simulate the expected behavior or directly inject the right datas in your program to fool it. One thing always true in cyber security is that if the reward is high enough to compensate the time spent in hacking, then it will be hacked. Also, even if botnets were being successfully fought, you could still pay third parties to visit your website, as services like this already exists to generate more views on YouTube for example.

    That being said, you should spent your energy in developing killer features instead of fighting botnets for the moment. Especially because you are more likely to successfully fight fraud by improving the design of JSECoin itself rather than trying to detect bots in background which is near to impossible, even Google can’t ๐Ÿ˜‰

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    You can still try to know if a user is right handed or left handed though. A bot is usually not handed at all ๐Ÿ˜‰

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    nothing new tbh any analytic service would do that.

    I think the whole botnet problem does not exist for the mining use case in jse.

    There are other cpu mineable coins that are really being abused to mine with botnets (monero), offering a lot better profits at complete anonymity.

    I have a feeling you are maybe unwillingly creating the problem to be the solution, sorry.

    Privacy is a huge/much bigger concern than possible fraud with mining.

    I wish JSE coin has plans on wide ecommerce adoption and is exploiting its potential of being fast, reliable and independent.

    Using an ethereum token would make you lose all of that. I am sure you are not aware how their network lags feel but I strongly recommend to maintain an own network.

    If you want to get away from sha and POW why don’t you premine 7 billion jse (one for each person on the planet) and find a good way to airdrop to all of them
    for staking (PoS).

    Then you don’t have to worry about uneven distribution through fraud anymore

    You also wouldn’t have to worry about power consumption

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    i think that 24/7 self miners should be allowed. There is already the rule of one account per person and only one window can mine at a time right? that is enough restriction in my opinion. The hash rates aren’t terribly high.

    I know this is more geared toward webmasters, but the self-mining gives those of us who do not have a website, let alone one with any substantial traffic, a chance to get a piece of the pie.

    I personally leave my computer on all the time anyway. I listen to music when I go to sleep, I use it in place of my cable box for internet television… so having a browser open is not consuming any more power than it would without it.

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    I also don’t agree with stopping of 24 / 7 miners. If JSE will be worth a lot then this way will be great to make money ๐Ÿ™‚

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    exactly. as it gets harder to mine, the self mining will eventually phase out in favor of the webmaster mining anyway. There will be a point that self-mining isn’t worth it. Let us get it in while we can lol

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    I agree. Enough technical procrastination JSECoin. We want features. USD, EUR & Co are successful by being convenient, not by being private and even less by being safe. If banks are printing tons of currencies based on nothing and rise a huge debt, I think we can handle a bit of botnet. If the whole financial system has access to your wealth, I think we can handle JSECoin transactions in their current state.

    You do NOT need more security/privacy, that’s why every other coins sucks, they are insanely USELESS. Safe crap is still crap and crap doesn’t need safety. I want to buy a 20$ RAM on Amazon by mining for them during 1h00. Get it ? Go features! And if you don’t, then I will. Be scared haha รจ_รฉ.

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    You think up your own problems. By the way for a long time nebylo news. Everything stands still. And in the meantime, there are more than 20 million miners.

    Concerning the technology of the ัoin, take an example with waxtoken (opskins).

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    You give 3 coins to people who share link that will bring another computer to full load and I can’t leave my computer over night to mine 0.0nothing. I don’t think Self mining should be just a playground for poor. It should serve the algorithm and it should be limited only by the algorithm itself, not by any client side nonsense.

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