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    Maybe a nice idea for a future implementation of JSECoin. Coinhive has a captcha-like service where users need to solve a few hashes to prove they are human.

    I personally think the coinhive one doesn’t work that well because when you want to use it wih a mobile it takes ages to solve the required hashes.. however, I think this won’t be an issue with JSEcoin as it consumes much less cpu power. And with JCECoin it might be a real alternative for the google reCaptcha’s.

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    I don’t see how there version would stop patient bots although I haven’t looked at it properly. I actually really like the Binance custom captcha with the little jigsaw piece. Perhaps its something we could look at in the future just to stop myself having to click on signs and bridges a hundred times a day.

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    hahaha, yeah I totally hate the street signs.. I’m really sure I select the right blocks and then I have to do more because it says I picked the wrong ones.. or the cars where you have to click on them until they are gone, sometimes the new pictures are only cars and you have to click like 20 times before they are all gone.

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    Shop fronts, buses, hills!!! Binance one move jigsaw is much better and easier for sure.

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    I have been working on Fraud Detection code for decades and one application that we have been using it for is to replace CAPTCHA forms. Our code can detect bots, malware, human fraud farms and real people without the need to ask. We primarily use it for advertising companies, lead generation companies, e-commerce, but have considered selling it as a solution to eliminate CAPTCHA.

    Maybe we can partner up and we can provide the detection aspect, while JSECOIN does it’s thing as a thought.

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    Hi Rich,

    That sounds amazing, is there a website or something I can take a look at?

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    Sure, our fraud solution is located at:

    We had some fun with the current version of the website, but are redoing the whole thing for DMEXCO. We have been building and using the technology for 13 years. Last year we helped knock out $3 Billion in ad fraud for Google and CNBC did a nice write up on us about it.

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