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    I have a few websites some are reasonably busy with traffic I’m wondering how the calculation works for visitors with regards to jse earnings,

    If the don’t opt in do they earn jse?

    If they opt in does it continue to hash for the length of the visit?

    If they revisit will it start hashing earning jse, what’s the expire of the cookie for this?

    I have seen a few posts on the forum but looking for the right answer.

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    Yes a visitor needs to opt-in to start the mining process and earn JSE tokens. The longer they are on the site for the more tokens the publisher can potentially earn. No cookie but there are restrictions on the IP address of visitors to prevent abuse.

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    Apps Trader

    Thanks James

    As there is no cookie does it know who they are on the next visit until their ip changes?

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    Yes to an extent as the IP is logged.

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    Remi Vee

    Hi James,

    I know we have the stats page on the explorer
    that tells us how many unique hits per day we have in total. But what are the daily earnings? Can we calculate an average earnings per unique hit for publishers?


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    Yes on the publisher side there is a fixed distribution of 288,000 per day (100 per 30 second block).

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