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    If anyone is interested in seeing other publishers / websites sites running JSECOIN.

    Drop site/link below.

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    jansen marlon rosa

    meu site

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    Bill Saunders

    I have a site at which includes the JSE Joomla plugin to generate the script on every page. I also have a component which converts JSE to Alta User Points which can then be purchased from the site. This includes the JSE merchant API calls.

    Plans to allow the reverse transaction where AUP can be converted to JSE paid into the users wallet.

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    Looks good!

    Here is a improved JSECOIN logo for your site – same dimensions / transparent.



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    An improvement. Thank you Rob!

    Wondering if we can create a medium where all JSECoin publishers can share tips and tricks on how to improve their sites.

    I’ve found James very helpful when I ask the right questions but the problem is that only I know the answers. I’m sure that the whole publisher base would benefit if we had a resource that we could all participate in.

    Getting very close to when we can measure the result of our efforts in cash. The whole JSECoin Eco-system needs to be leveraged.

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    If there’s anything I can do to help let me know. The forums are a good resource because they turn up in search results if someone googles a problem but it will take some time to build up responses.

    Regarding images there’s some in the media pack:

    And also the banner pack has some good general imagery as well:

    Font we use for the logo is Nunito (google web font).

    Thanks for everyone’s help and support.

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    Dude, I have been trying to figure out how to do that with my wordpress site… That is exactly what I want to do with my site meant to encourage people to post their articles and create groups. There is a Word Points system for wordpress but I don’t think it does the same thing as what you’ve got with Joomla.

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    Do you have a way of making people log into your site HJ?

    If so it might be possible to get the WordPress plugin to record the user who earns the coin as a subID.

    Then you can manually or preferably via API call examine each subID at JSE to see who is earning coins for you. The reward for doing that is up to you. If WP has a points system you could use that.

    The other way that might work is to have a different JavaScript setup to go with each bloggers articles. Use the subID to differentiate them. SubID can be alphanumeric. In Joomla I’m using the userid, but you could embed their actual name as the subID on the pages with their articles.

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    Please visit around my site running JSE Coin Mining!

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    My crypto portfolio site has been running the JSE script since the very beginning.

    Could do with a revamp, but you can see it here:

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    Hobo Joe

    Yeah there is registration. I could give that a try, thanks!

    What I was thinking about doing was just making JSE available to purchase with my own hobo tokens earned on my site. I want people to earn tokens for posting up content, and then they could use the tokens to buy a PDF download with a JSE coincode on it. But who knows what its going to be in the end, at the moment the site is just messy.

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    Estoy probando 🙂

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    Christos Apostolides

    I am using JSECoin at

    The script kicks in after you enter the site…

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