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    in case i lost my password / email password or any way to access to my account in JSE platform,

    Is export coins and save the coins code in safe place, then import him in my new account works ?


    Q2 – in case anyone lost his account access and create a new account, this is called (multiple accounts)?

    please make very clear 1-2-3 “Terms of Service” like:-
    [1- Anyone found to be using multiple devices, accounts or abusing the system in any way risks having their account suspended.
    2- You must not reverse engineer, hack, exploit our servers
    ….. ] etc before signup

    and Thanks <3

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    James Bachini

    Q1) Yes that’ll work.

    Q2) That is more to prevent mining/referral fraud. If you just set up another account because you lost the details for your first one you aren’t going to have any problems.

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    Вот у меня на балансе 349 jse… что я с ними могу делать кроме покупок в ваших магазинах? Как то продать сейчас или обменять на реальные деньги возможно? Когда будет возможно и что для этого надо? Вы извините,я просто новечок во всех этих внутренних делах с криптой,пользуюсь только криптонатором,но там то все просто

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    Hi Евгений,

    After the ICO we will be listing on exchanges. At this time you will be able to use these 3rd party cryptocurrency exchanges to trade JSE for BTC/ETH and then trade that for local currency if you wish.

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    Brandon GONZALES

    I can’t figure out how to export to Trust account… This needs to be more user friendly or you need instructions. If I’m having trouble, aand I am computer literate. Those who are not will walk away just from the time consumption, let alone stress, and aggregation.

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    James Bachini

    Hi Brandon I agree that we need to make the process as easy as possible. I’m not familiar with the Trust wallet but assuming it’s ERC20 compatible you should be able to get an address from the wallet to send tokens to. You can then withdraw tokens from the platform to to this address using the funds page. Addresses will start 0x…

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