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    Bill Saunders

    I’m exploring a concept where individual users of a social community can be rewarded with JSECoin according to how popular their personal pages are.

    There are a couple of functions involved :-

    1. A mechanism whereby the site owner can split his publisher income with another party (the personal page owner). I realise that they too would need to have a JSE account. I recall seeing a code snippet on here a few months ago which achieves this.
    2. Code generated for the site domain with a subcode specific to the page owner. That code snippet would be inserted just on the individual’s own page.

    How would this work at the JSE end? Would JSE regard all publisher rewards from the site as going to the publisher or is there an automated way to send subcodes rewards to another JSE acount.

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    Hi Bill,

    Dud you go ahead with your idea of JSE sharing with the community participants?

    Hi JSE TEAM,

    Is that smth you would encourage? If so what tools can I use to enroll it onto my site? Besides, is that correct that I cannot send JSE to a user who has no account with JSE, even though I have his/her e-mail?

    Appreciate your response to this one, is important to me.


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    James Bachini

    There’s a few ways you can do it. One is just using javascript to switch out the user ID of who gets the rewards.

    Something like:
    if (Math.random() > 0.5) {
    // enter the first users code minus the script tags
    } else {
    // enter the second users code

    The 0.5 is 50% you can adjust this to whatever ratio you want.

    A more advanced option would be to record each user as a subID and then use the developer API to check balances and send out tokens from the main account. This is a bit more involved, see

    I can code up a working example of the above code if you want me to. Just surround the whole lot in script tags and remove them from the code snippet you get from the platform and it should work.

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    I’d be grateful if you reviewed my site, too. So about a few days ago I did a website redesign, check it out: How would you grade its design and layout?

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    Maybe create something like Steemit.

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    James Bachini

    Looks good to me. I’ll forward it on to Dave he loves anything to do with outdoors lifestyle.

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    Thanks everyone! I’ll be looking forward to his review. 🙂

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    Remi Vee

    Hi guys,

    I’m also interested in this. James, if you could help us out with that code, would be awesome. Thank you!

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    Remi Vee

    BTW, forgot to ask. James, can we have a separate section on the forum with code examples? Maybe other members are willing to share ideas along with actual coding examples that can be modified and used accordingly.

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