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    Daved Daly

    This may not get much support, but I would to see a “rich list” along with the block explorer.

    Congrats on 50k registered users.

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    We have a richlist script here that uses the API functions. You need to put in your API key and set access to at least read access. We will integrate this with the blockchain explorer in the future.

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    Daved Daly

    Yeah pre-calculated version of this would be nice, cuz downloading the whole ledger is slow.
    This is info that would be nice to see, but doesn’t need to be updated more than once sn our or day.

    Also using non https for api links is definitely bad.

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    Thanks to the rich list, I’ve found that Jsecoin seems to be monopolised by four men…

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    Don’t be so grumpy Tom. While JSECoin worth nothing the only monopolisation they have is the one of the electricity bill by the end of the month.

    Also, look at this post :

    There are advantages and disadvantages to decentralization and in an ideal world we would like to take the best parts and create a hybrid system.

    The biggest benefit to a decentralized system is that users don’t have to put trust in a central authority. In theory noone should be able to shut down the Bitcoin network because there is no one person or organization to target. The distributed nature of the ownership provides a system that is controlled by the users.

    Cryptocurrency investors also are particularly keen on decentralization, we have heard some people say that they simply wouldn’t invest in a system that isn’t decentralized to some degree. There are some very successful centralized cryptocurrencies however and Ripple currently has the 4th largest market cap at over $8billion USD.

    The biggest disadvantage to consumers of a decentralized system is that there is no buyer protection. If you purchase something with Bitcoin and it turns out to be a scam you have no way of getting your money back. There is noone to complain to or police the system. I think most people would agree they feel much more confident making a purchase with Paypal/Visa than they do with Bitcoin. The anonymity of certain networks also makes this a hunting ground for fraudsters and scammers which can only hurt the chances of mainstream adoption by non-technical users.

    Which means that the network will get decentralised enough to protect the it from any attack, and centralised enough to provide you a minimum of service, like getting your money back if you get scammed/hacked, instant transfers, etc.

    I understand that you don’t want the blockchain to be another bankster revolution, but on another hand you don’t want to live in a totale anarchy where people with technical skills become the new vilains.

    I mean… Google, Microsoft and co are working on quantum computing. With a quantum computer it will take a few seconds to calculate the private key of your BTC wallet. Nobody will pay back your BTC when it happens. Your JSE will remains safe though.

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    Sorry that’s my typo the API link should have been https @

    We do use SSL for the API of course.

    Hi Tom, technically 3 men and a woman, these are the cofounders. Bare in mind we are pre-ICO so the majority of funds haven’t been released yet. If you read the coin distribution plan in the whitepaper you’ll see that the cofounders will hold less than 1% each after the ICO. I think this is lower than almost all other ICO distribution plans I’ve seen.

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