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    I’ve been running the mining operation for a little while now. I’ve noticed my payments as shown in the “Today Earnings” section increases in increments of 0.01. However, the list of Recent Self Mining Payments shows 0.05 in the amount for each transaction. Should I be still receiving 0.05 per payment, or has it been reduced to 0.01?

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    OK, so I haven’t looked at this in a while and I missed a decimal in the payments section. Admin, feel free to delete this post. Apologies.

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    Hi Chad, just one other thing to note if anyone else is having similar queries is that the mining payout for publishers and self-miners is different. The publisher payout is currently set at 0.01 JSE whereas self-mining is set at 0.005 JSE. So if you are self-mining and have a website setup as well you could potentially be receiving payouts for different amounts.

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    hilarius hendrik

    i just received a notification at my platform where my referal payment was declined due to
    ” Declined Region ID ” than tell me about the payment status, being trasnfered to my JSE coin account or declined. i still do not understand with it.

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    Currently the affiliate program is only open to registrations from these countries: US,CA,GB,IE,AU,NZ,ZA
    We are accepting users from any country but these are the countries that will earn referral payments. This is because we are using these countries as primary target regions while the system is still being built. We currently have a translations module in development and we will likely expand the affiliate program to more countries in the future.

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