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    Hi Jse team,

    im new in crypto currency and my knowledge in I.T. is quite limited but im quite interested i dont know why. and i happen to see your ico. its easy to understand….
    i’ve been mining jse coin for a while, about 3 months ago and invest some in ico. i understand jse coin been selling in ico of 50 million coin with a hard cap of 5 billion. after the ico what happen to the unsold coins ( i know 5% will go to jse team)? and for website mining and publisher, how much percentage from 5 billion coin will go?, and once this percentage is done what happen next?.

    sorry for my english, hope you understand.


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    Hi Darrell,

    After the ICO any unsold tokens will be returned to the distribution account. At that point we have a number of options and we aren’t going to make a final decision until after the ICO closes and we know how much we’ve had in and the closing price of ETH relative to USD/GBP.

    Option 1 – Burn all or a percentage of the tokens, this would effectively increase every token holders percentage stake in the project
    Option 2 – Increase the mining distributions (over a 10 year period), we could nearly double outgoing rewards.
    Option 3 – Lock them up in cold storage and potentially use them to raise funding at a later stage via a VC deal once markets improve.
    Option 4 – Offer an incentive to hodl tokens. i.e. anyone who locks up tokens will earn a percentage interest on their holdings. This could potentially reduce the supply on exchange and therefore token price benefiting everyone.

    I’d like to hear peoples opinions on this and what they think the best way forward for the project would be.

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    jansen marlon rosa

    I liked Option 4

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    I believe option 2 is best for the network. Options 1 and 4 are more appealing from an investor standpoint, but increased mining rewards will likely encourage overall greater adoption. My belief is that what is good for the blockchain is good for the investor, but what is good for the investor is often not good for the blockchain. We should prioritize blockchain quality over investor appeal, because traders only care about selling when the price is high. Longevity is the most important thing, the profits will follow.

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    Dear James,

    Thanks for your reply, now i understand what happen next.

    in my opinion, for starter people will only see the price of jse vs fiat currency in order to be interested to invest.

    option 1 : Burning: hould be last resort but not recommended.

    option 2 : increase mining distribution: not bad but what happen after 10 yrs, will the mining stop or will it continue?

    option 3 hold in cold storage : for me this is the best option, use the remaining jse coin to improve the system.

    option 4 offer an incentive: i don’t recommend if everyone hold it, as they might not be so much movement in the exchange.

    now, we just need to let a lot people know about jse coin.


    1. tap to more foreign investor especially china.
    2. you can put fiat exchange to your own website. so anyone one can buy jse coin using fial currency, convenient payment like
    a. i like the shirt merchandise but sadly can not shift worldwide, hope can do something, and put more robot design.

    honestly, i still don’t understand how to use crypto currencies in real life except fast and easy to transfer this funds and low fees.


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    I see problem as you said adoption by mainstream but you are allowing only ETH invest which is not easy for normal web users (that are reading their mails and watch videos).

    Also I think you may put some notification bar for users for each country – example for Croatia.
    We need translators from English to Croatian language. Join us and earn JSE.

    I think there are benefits if project is translated into other languages too.

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    If there is an option where the JSE coin price will grow thats the best one.

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    I would like the option 2 with a fixed coin generation cap as it would trigger massive growth thus increasing the number of users in the network which will increase exchange trades thus increasing the value of jse and in long-term everyone wants growth whether its retail investor, whale investor, miners or anyone interested in jsecoin.
    also consider selling tokens/coins via fiat currency like earlier days besides eth because novice internet users would not want to buy eth first then go for jsecoin, they might only stop at eth only.

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    Also want to say that Postal address in registration area may reduce number of registrations.

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    Bill Saunders

    JSECoin looks like meeting its target of 50 million coins being issued via the ICO which will bring in roughly 600 Ethereum of fresh working capital. Given that JSE has achieved so much with considerably less then that, there is clearly potential to do more of the same. That is being very frugal with actual cash outlays and trying to leverage with the rapidly growing user base.

    I believe that the relative scarcity of JSECoins issued and the fact that all holders have had to work for them actually puts a value on the coins as opposed to the airdropped alternatives that are easy to get and hence not at all valued in the market. User and publisher mining is putting 432,000 new JSE per day out there but I have already seen that they are much harder to get than 6 months ago.

    Holding JSE will be its own reward providing that the team continue with their current strategy of making people work hard to get new ones. I’m personally in favour of retaining the unissued JSE in the distribution account as effectively authorised but unissued capital. The management team have a strong vested interest in seeing JSE increase in value if only because of their own holdings. I am also impressed with their commitment and vision for the project and the fact that they have met all deadlines to date.

    Investors should look at the profiles of the newer members of the team. It is clear that they are JSE enthusiasts from all over the world who are basically being rewarded with JSECoins. They get no return for their effort unless JSECoins go up in value. I’m of the opinion that JSE will benefit enormously by strategic engagement with such individuals. Call them Ambassadors or whatever you like, talented people working on the project cannot possibly be a bad thing.

    So I believe that keeping the unissued JSECoins in reserve is the best course, with management being in charge of their judicious use.

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    Thank you for everyone’s comments. We will discuss this further after the ICO once we know where we stand. It’s a credit to the project that people take the time to offer their insights into this kind of thing so thank you again for helping us hopefully making the right decisions.

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    First off I would to start with a statement, Jse team you are a collective group of true bad a$$es, only lead by “The Ninja” known as JAMES! For the remainder of this topic, when seeing Ninja, we are refer to James. And by we, I mean allllll my personalities.
    Secondly I would to thank you, all including invesotrs or early miners for allowing me to be part of the JSE family. Thank you for all the opportunities I’ve had,(for building and keeping afloat, until I could grace with my muchness) from bounties, ico luanh and even crowdin. (I literally spent 4 hours doing Spanish and english, and half of English saved ROFL, don’t think crowdin is mobile friendly).

    Now my nose is good and brown I can jump in, Ninja (James), 100%, on point. I say they are all expectional ideas, I get you want to help in all areas as well. So here’s my 2 cents,
    Reamins coin get chopped between All 4 ideas. With a reserve 20% not used for for “security proofing”(we will come back to that)
    After some time we will see which idea is most integral for all. And can revisit it with security fund partially.
    We can get still give a little more shares through mining 1.1 vs 1 I’m still smiling! This gets 20%
    Holding and getting interest, yaaaa I don’t plan on selling anyways for a couple of years. These peps get to split 20%.
    Now cold storage, is where the 20% overage goes, the burnable coin, aka for security. As well as 20% for cold storage. (So 40% total, 20% being burnable for security)
    Now the burnable, we keep it in cold storage as a means of, “security proofing” if the market ever starts to work against us in a horrendous way, we can burn for a little help. Call it “furute proof security”. So again if we ever needed to buy some time while the market was in flux, we can use our massive marketing and advertising then to tell the world, we are going to burn some coin, to get great market response.
    So if in a couple of year Jse is still strong, which it will be, we can take a percentage from security to redistribute amiung the more successful ideas. Not all of I say always keep memimim 10% for security burning.
    I believe this brings all aspects in meeting the same goal.
    It would bring in more investors knowing we had fail safes, it would proved the server as it’s needed, and keep the markets happy with trade, and allow the super investor to invest further with their jse. Onyl thing missing here is the pizza party.
    How can work this in there NINJA?

    Well Brandon out family,
    don’t forget.
    Ive been killen the meme game!
    Ninja offer some coin for a video commericals or memes!
    Where are the job applications? Muahahahah

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    Let’s get an edit opinion on the form, for fixing typos and old Post.
    I would like to change “security proofing” to “Brandon Protection”
    So vote for Brandon Protection!
    Also feel free to donate any Jse this way,
    I’ll be here all life.

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    Arturo Rodriguez Polo


    igual digo una tontería, pero porque no se pone esos tokens en circulación constantemente.Por ejemplo. Recompensar con una cantidad a final de mes por usar la plataforma o la aplicación y esas recompensas solo se pueden usar para comprar en la tienda de Jsecoin, camisetas, bolígrafos,zapatos,tablet,etc… y esas monedas siempre estarían en circulación, salen de Jsecoin y termina volviendo a Jsecoin, así tendría una utilidad y el que no quiera usarla para comprar pues después de x tiempo: 3 meses,4 meses,6 meses,el tiempo que se considere,las podrá retirar para sacarla a una exchange.

    (inglés-traductor google)

    Like I say nonsense, but because you do not put those tokens in circulation constantly. For example. Reward with an amount at the end of the month to use the platform or the application and those rewards can only be used to buy in the Jsecoin store, shirts, pens, shoes, tablet, etc … and those coins would always be in circulation, leave Jsecoin and ends up going back to Jsecoin, so it would have a utility and who does not want to use it to buy then after x time: 3 months, 4 months, 6 months, the time that is considered, you can withdraw them to take it out to an exchange .

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