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    I’m already mining for a couple of months and notice that every once in a while the platform seems to get stuck for some time. Usually I notice it by not getting mining rewards for a longer time, and the log shows “Cancelling mining operation…” or only messages about “Hashrate Speed Test”, and no “JSE Data received” which should be shown every 30 seconds or so.

    Usually this resolves itselfs (probably someone at JSECoin resets something?).. However, assuming that this is not happing for just me looking at the blockchain explorer.. what happens to the JSECoins which are not given away during that time? Do they dissapear into thin air?

    Any ideas what the rootcause is and are there any countermeasures being developed? I could imagine that unstability in the mining platform might raise concerns after ICO.. in worst case scenario those concerns lead to people doupting the stability of the whole JSECoin platform and devaluation of the coin.. and I would hate that as I truly believe in this project.

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    mining has started again and the blockchain explorer now shows new blocks.. one more question, shouldn’t every block show 100 mining transactions? (50 for self mining, and 50 for website mining)

    I notice that some blocks show less than 100 mining transactions. Some examples:

    Both have less transactions for the website mining (the ones with reward 2 JSE).. does that mean that there were less than 50 websites participation in the lottery? what happens to those coins?

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    James Bachini

    Hi Rob,

    This could be caused by network connectivity problems. I agree completely that we need to do everything possible to make the system as robust as possible. We have an update going out in the next couple of weeks which should eliminate some of the connection errors between nodes.

    Mining rewards on the publishers side are not always fully used. We have an algorithm in place which rewards unique opt-ins with lottery tickets but sometimes there are not enough unique opt-ins in that 30 second block cycle which pass all the other fraud restrictions to distribute the full 50 JSE tokens. The distribution on the publisher side is twice that of the platform mining side (2 JSE/reward) so it currently evens out a little bit. I think within a month or two we should start seeing more publisher network volume which will mean every block is being maxed out.

    If the rewards aren’t sent out then the circulating distribution is just slightly less than it would have been.

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    I thought an opt-in was accross the whole network, does that mean if a user already opted in on site A, site B wont get a lotery ticked as that user was already opted-in even though the user will be mining while on site B?

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    Yes if they visit site B straight away after visiting site A then only the webmaster of site A will get a lottery ticket. There’s a six hour refresh window so if a user is already opted in yesterday and goes to site B today then the webmaster of site B will receive the ticket.

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    Ok,so the whole publisers reward system is based on opt-ins and not at all about actual mining? Feels like getting paid to travel to work, but not for that actual work you do there once arrive there 🙂

    I’m currently working on a link exchange system where I want to promote JSECoin, but not sure if would work that well then.. the whole purpose of my site would be to get people from site A to site B :S

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    David Mallett

    Kind of yes, we have this restriction in place to prevent fraud. An example of this might be a webmaster using pop under traffic with a javascript redirect script that just switches to a new site every x seconds. If we didn’t have the 1 ticket per visitor rule then they could potentially receive as many tickets as they wanted for that single visitor. For the link exchange site the website the visitor went to first would get the rewards. So if site A gets initial traffic and contains links to site B then site A will get all the rewards even if visitors go to site B after they’ve visited site A.

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    I understand that you won’t give a ticket for opting in on site B, but once a user goes to site B and while on that site it finds a hash, wouldn’t it make sense to reward that with a ticket for site B?

    So instead of just rewarding opt-ins, also reward finding hashes? (which is the actual work that is done, and I think that is the thing that should be rewarded)

    It doesn’t make sense to me to keep my visitors mining if I won’t get rewards for it anyway.. I could simply stop mining after they opted in by only including the mining code only on landing pages or on the first page they are on while they are visiting my site.

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