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    Daved Daly

    While the self miner is generally of low impact, I feel that the miner should stop hashing whena vald hash is found, until the next block notification.

    Seems weird we are submitting hashes which won’t count for anything extra.

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    Agree with that, actually it would be even better to request a new JSE data when a hash is submitted 😉

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    Daved Daly

    Requesting a new “jse data” doesn’t make any sense to me.
    The block wouldn’t have changed. you’d be requesting the same data.
    Self mining you only earn one lotto ticket max per block. (something I think which is way too low. But the self mining sees like an afterthought, and not intended to provide much rewards. But then the whole reward system, website miners, seems low as well.)

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    joseph fogas

    well then how about… those who submit more hashes get more lotto tickets? increasing their chances of being picked for the payout… basically right now (as I understand it) if we have 1500 miners going.. and all 1500 find a hash.. all have a chance to get the payout (up to 200 people)

    but let’s say… I find 10 hashes in that 30 second block and other miners find 3… then my chances of getting the reward should be higher.. .not that I will get it every time, but it should be higher than someone who only mined 1.

    That would be fair right? otherwise we are technically hashing for free after 1

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    Daved Daly

    No. if all accounts are logged in to the same username, self mining gets you one lotto ticket per block.

    If your signed into multiple accounts, you will probably be banned.

    Yes, we are hashing for free after one lotto ticket per block.

    This is because it’s technically possible to tie in a fpga or asic and win 99.99% of the lotto tickets, without a 1 ticket per block limit.

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    Daved Daly

    I think I misread what you meant, but the reason for the limitation hold.

    You would think if you find more hashes per block should get you more tickets per block, but for keeping everything fair it’s limited.

    Thus my suggestion to stop hashing till the next block when you find a valid hash.

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    joseph fogas

    asic devices as far as i know wont be able to affect a javascript code for more hashing, especially when the hash limit is set by the server. And it is easy to have the system log you out once you are logged in on another device.

    just saying, the more hashes I find in that 30 seconds, should increase my chances of my lotto ticket being called.

    If another of my tickets is called again, the system checks to see if i’ve already been paid and refuses the second ticket and moves onto the next.

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    joseph fogas

    not sure if i am explaining it well so forgive me if I sound redundant..

    say i mine and find 5 hashes per block. as it stands, I get one ticket… I should get 5.

    when the system does its payout operation, I should have 5 tickets in the hat. If my name is pulled, I get my .005 JSE. the next ticket is pulled… if it is my ticket again, the system destroys that ticket and throws it away, and pulls the next ticket.

    overall I still only get one payout, but my name will be in the hat more than just one time.

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    Daved Daly

    As stated directly in the whitepaper, (you did read that right?)

    Hashing help – A webmaster could modify the browser side javascript to link up high
    powered hashing hardware and return a better hash every time. The algorithm for
    rewarding webmasters will focus on impressions as well as hashing. Automated checks
    are run hourly to remove any statistically improbable mining. Manual reviews are also in
    place to prevent fraud attempts.

    Again, what I described is clearly possible… they just use some fairly undisclosed, centralized anti-fraud prevention in place… as well the one ticket per block makes hooking up hashing hardware not worthwhile.

    And I’m still not sure what people think about the original proposal…
    Regardless of how some think it should work (more valid hashes per bloc gets you more tickets), it does not work that way… and the reasoning is clear… to make it useless to cheat.

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