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    The number of active miners is mostly around 2500 but sometimes it drops to around 600. Noticed that twice, and didn’t look much.
    Could this mean that around 1900 miners are on the same connection and sometimes they suddenly disconnect?

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    Another drop of miners to around 800 and now back to 2433.

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    Miner numbers are up to 2600 again, they were at 1100 for days util this morning.

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    Yesterday the number was even around 600 for some while… :/

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    Within span of 10 minutes the number rose from 4000 to 7000, and then dropped back to 3300. Does anybody knows how it happens?

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    I am also interested why the amount of registered users keep rising every day
    but miner numbers have stayed around 4000 for a long time. Could the dev. team comment this?
    I assume you have exact number of miners know at any given moment?

    I would appreciate info about this : )


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    The miner numbers aren’t particularly reliable because we are just counting the incoming connections on the nodes at any one time and these go online and offline occasionally or connections between nodes fail. Also we aren’t doing much security or checks on these numbers so I wouldn’t take a huge amount of notice of it. They were put in more for a guideline on self-mining competition more than anything.

    I think the reason the registered users goes up more than the number of concurrent miners is because we see a lot of users mine for x amount of time and then stop for whatever reason. Either they realize the earnings are low at the current market rates or they just get bored and move on to the next thing. It’s something we should be addressing more to make the mining more fun and interesting for long-term users. It will be very beneficial to increase the user retention stats through things like gamification and reengagement strategies. Something we can definitely do better on.

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    Мой компьютер работает 24/7 на платформе JSEcoin,могут ли такие майнеры ожидать какого-то вознаграждения за старания и интузиазм?Заранее спасибо за понимание.

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    Hi Александр, I’m using Google translate so hope I’m understanding this correctly. If you are self-mining 24/7 then you should be receiving roughly 30-60 JSE tokens per day. This is a fixed daily distribution to a non-fixed number of participants which along with variance in the lottery rewards system is why fluctuations in earnings occur.

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