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    I can’t deposit tokens into my jsecoin platform wallet, my transfers stay pending in metamask and it is frustrating me to the point of closing my account and counting it as a loss. Please help asap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Can you please respond? this is a joke. You haven’t responded to any of my emails after you were listed on the exchange. Why won’t you respond? I think I have been scammed by jsecoin! Thanks for nothing!

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    I have officially counted it as a loss. I have been robbed by jsecoin thanks guys! Brilliant!

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    James Bachini

    Anonymous. Do you have Ethereum in your account that has the JSE tokens?

    You need a little bit of ETH (less than 1 USD) in your account to cover network fees whenever you transfer ERC20 tokens. Another reason the transaction could be stuck in pending is because the gas fee is set too low. This could be what Metamask recommended at the time but the Ethereum network has been under quite high usage recently which has pushed prices up.

    You haven’t been robbed and this isn’t something anyone in the JSE team is responsible for or has access to as we are reliant on Ethereum’s network for the transfer of ERC20 tokens.

    Metamask has some support information here which might help too:

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    I have sent numerous emails with no response. Transactions pending for weeks! Not even a reply to help, so you reply here! Not one transaction has ever worked! Ever! I have sufficient funds for the transfer! I have 10s of thousands in tokens that I want to consolidate in my jse coin wallet! If I can’t ever use the tokens, transfer them efficiently or anywhere , what’s the point of mining them?

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    We don’t offer individual support via email. Also metamask isn’t one of our products. There’s a guide to using metamask with ERC20 tokens here which might help:-

    If the transaction is stuck in pending then it could be a gas(price) issue. In metamask you will be able to get a tx outlink to etherscan which will give more details on what is holding the transaction up.

    Click on the transaction and then once it expands there’s a little blue arrow button which when clicked will open the tx reference in etherscan.

    Hope that helps. If you are still struggling post the tx ref or etherscan link here and we will take a look.

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