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    Have you guys considered moving to Tron block chain after its main net is launched in 4 days. It supports Java ( I believe) and its goal to decentralize the web dovetails with your ambitions at JSE coin? thanks for any reply. By the way these JSE [Ann] on bitcointalk is horrible, odd exxcesive activity warnings and posts being stated as posted” when they are clearly not posted after refreshing webpage…god i hate bitcointalk, anyway thanks for reading

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    I read that post about nimiq as well, i understand its an industry standard, but alot of projects seem to be splitting of of erc-20 as far as i can tell. It may not always be the standard, just seeking an honest response, would it be plausible that tron and jse could be a good alliance?

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    last point to make: Ethereuim is also a large target for the SEC to go after, keep that in mind

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    Hi Mario to be honest I haven’t even looked closely at the Tron project. The main two we looked at were EOS (because it looks like a strong challenger) and Lisk because it’s all Javascript. I think you are right that in the long term Ethereum could lose their dominance which would be a good thing for the industry really. However the ICO is planned for July and I wouldn’t be comfortable using something that was just coming out of testnet.

    Also none of the benefits to our project of the ERC20 contract would be available if we used Tron such as easy integration with exchanges and 3rd party wallets like MEW/Metamask. The other disadvantage would be that every cryto investor is familiar with the ICO process using Ethereum, this wouldn’t necessarily be the case if we connected to one of the other blockchains.

    This is in no way a criticism of the Tron project or any others. For all intense in purposes they could have the best technology in the industry and it still wouldn’t matter. The advantage to JSEcoin is the ability to use all the existing 3rd party applications which have been built for ERC20 but haven’t for other projects… yet.

    Probably if we held back the ICO for 6 months to a year then we would have more options but I think I’d have a riot on my hands if we even considered that 😉

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    yeah i know you cant switch now, i dont know if you could in the far far future, which is what i meant anyway. Its funny you say EOS, i dont trust that group after watching john oliver’s report on it on the last week tonight show lol, check it out, its kinda funny actually, anyway thanks for reply

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