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    JSE Admin

    Originally we used the same code for the publisher mining as the self-mining but we had a lot of emails regarding how to improve the hashrate speed.

    Because of this we have pushed the self-mining platform a little more. This was updated on the 2nd September 2017 and self-miners should now see nearly double hashrate speeds.

    Here are some suggestions.

    How to improve your hashrate speed

    Try different browsers, your optimal browser will depend on your system. Chrome and Firefox are both recommended.

    If possible keep the tab in focus. As soon as you put it to the background then CPU resources are diverted away from the webpage.

    Minimize the number of other programs running. Anything that uses CPU will limit what is available within the browser.

    What not to do

    Don’t mine on multiple PC’s

    Don’t set up multiple accounts

    Don’t alter or try to modify the client-side code

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    I’ve noticed while self-mining at least on my own system, that if I should place the mouse cursor anywhere near the (start mining) button it has an effect on the hashrate percentage. Maybe it’s a GUI thing.

    Thanks for the advice!

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    That is really strange. I can’t think for the life of me what would cause that.

    Perhaps the browser limiting resources because it expects a click away or preping to run a function onclick. That seems unlikely though. What browser are you using btw?

    I’ll double check but I don’t think it’s anything in the code. Will see if I can recreate it at this end.

    Thank you for letting us know

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    Google Chrome / Windows 7 / USB Mouse

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    We looked at this today. We didn’t have a windows 7 box but did used the latest version of Chrome on Windows 10. Couldn’t seem to replicate it. I have a couple of theories about what could be causing it. Possibly the javascript onhover events that are tied into jquery and bootstrap modules are in some way affecting the CPU distribution within the browser. Also it could be something to do with the browser pooling resources preparing for a click.

    Either way I’m 99% sure it’s not something in our code so we can’t repair it I’m afraid. Thank you for letting us know. If anyone else is seeing this could you just let us know your browser, operating system etc like TechMental did.

    Thanks for your help!

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    From 900-950 HR now i have 1500 HR 🙂 – i7 6700k

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    On my macbookpro i’m getting 2816 hp/s max hash rate.

    Best I’ve seen on any of my computers.

    Don’t try mining on your iPhone. It gets really hot.

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    JSE Admin

    The new version of the platform that is getting rolled out on Sunday (I think) will have an adjustable hash rate acceleration slider, it’s quite fun to play with.

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    Now platform mining loads CPU about 5-9% in total (old i7-3630@3.2ghz) giving ~1500hp/s.

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    Can I use more than one computer? One account for each?

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    HP Z400 workstation with an Intel Xeon W3520 getting about 4000 hp/s with the slider maxed out. I tried running it on a server with 2 Intel Xeon E5-2660 processors but only got around 300hp/s. Maybe this is intentional to discourage farm mining? I’m not trying to cheat, just messing with different equipment to see what happens.

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    it would be nice to mine to one account from multiple computers, but it’s forbidden.

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    JSE Admin

    Hey guys so part of the update was putting some measures in place to stop people running on multiple devices and multiple accounts. You can still do this i.e. if two people are working together in the same office but there just wont be any benefit as the potential coin reward will be split in half. It’s not an ideal solution but we had to bring this in as some users were taking advantage of the system and we don’t want to go down the server farm mining route.

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    looking at the processes, i can see that chrome.exe is jumping between 20-60% cpu usage when window is focused.
    I am using max acceleration rate. Can i make it use 90-100% somehow ? 🙂

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    JSE Admin

    Hi Darko from what we have seen so far there is no real advantage to having insanely high hash rates in terms of earnings. Probably it could be pushed if we wanted to eek out every bit of performance but that isn’t really the idea. On a side note one of the devs is putting together a chromium standalone app to see how that performs in comparison as it might be easier to run in the background without the out of focus tab getting starved of CPU, we will see it’s still untested.

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