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    JSE Admin

    So the options for two factor authentication are:

    SMS Text Message Codes – delivered by Amazon AWS or Twilio

    Google Authenticator / Authy App – Scan a QR code on the screen to authenticate. Requires app download

    uPort – More involved crypto based security which handles private keys

    What is everyone’s preference?

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    SMS Text in my opinion.

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    I’d like to see SMS authentication to verify website but since that can be sniffed and intercepted id mostly prefer to see google two factor Authenticator app enabled and made part of the login, transfer, and profile updating process.

    It will put it inline with other services such as coin base, bittrex, all of our online saas services for our businesses.

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    JSE Admin

    Yeah we have tested google authenticator and authy for two factor authentication and they are great. I think this will be in the account settings page for the v1.4 rollout.

    Anyone had any experience or heard of anyone getting locked out of platforms like bittrex if you lose your google id?

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    yeh i’ve heard some horror stories, especially when the user has been tricked to log into a fake phishing site exposing their username and password and not having 2FA enabled allowing the hackers to get in, enable 2FA and clear out the accounts.

    Authy seems to have a nice SMS recovery. Having the SMS registered with authy and a website automatically syncs the app with websites that are registered with Authy. (I think thats how it works)

    We’ve been trying out a couple of implementations of 2FA and it seems the SMS + Authy is a good combination for users that might loose their phones and data. Otherwise recover is hard without having recovery tokens setup.

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    Google Authenticator.

    Very similar to Steam Guard.

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